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Linkin Park Song Election - Minutes to Midnight


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It's time to begin the third Linkin Park Song Election!


Here are the top 3 from the last election:

3. Figure.09

2. Breaking the Habit

1. Faint


The rules are the same. You vote for your least favorite of the remaining tracks in an attempt to vote the song "off the island."


Here are the songs from Minutes to Midnight:


1. Wake

2. Given Up

3. Leave Out All the Rest

4. Bleed It Out

5. Shadow of the Day

6. What I've Done

7. Hands Held High

8. No More Sorrow

9. Valentine's Day

10. In Between

11. In Pieces

12. The Little Things Give You Away


I'll get the voting started with Wake. It's definitely LP's worst instrumental track and nothing more than an intro to Given Up.

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Bleed It Out, the studio version is crappy.


And In Between is one of the best songs LP has written. Just because its not heavy doesn't mean it's not good.


And I cannot explain to you/ In anything I say or do or plan/ fear is not afraid of you/ and guilts a language you can understand.

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