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  1. I'd just want it for my collection. But calling something Super Deluxe and not having everything available included seems weird.
  2. So there's only two different packages available, and the Super Deluxe Box Set doesn't even have the B-Sides vinyl. I really wanted the EP on vinyl, but already have HT and Reanimation, plus some of the CD's and the DVD. Really disappointed there aren't smaller bundles with different combinations, or even single items to purchase. Doesn't look like I'll be buying either of these, which sucks because I was really excited for this too.
  3. Looks like the box sets got leaked early. They were on the official LP store, and now are listed on Amazon.
  4. I've seen them live before and they were great. The energy of the crowd was unreal.
  5. I just got one of these. I seen it was a limited edition and just had to get it haha.
  6. I love Dead Letter Circus. I honestly could not have thought of a better Aussie band to support them. Looking forward to this even more now.
  7. How many times can you enter this competition? I've done it about 10 times so far..
  8. Nobody's heard of Karnivool before? You guys are missing out. Fucking amazing Aussie band.
  9. Well so far it's just me and TnkA that are going, so I don't think we need a huge banner haha. Hopefully more people from here are going though!
  10. Hopefully this will make LP songs better. Chevelle did a similar thing and dropped basically all screaming vocals from their songs and IMO their new album is easily their best. I will miss Chester's screaming though
  11. I'll be there. Hopefully they'll have a M&G again too.
  12. Your username: denemy Username of your nominee: Legend Which prize they would receive: iPod Reason for nomination: Easily the funniest guy on here. And whenever I read one of his posts I do it in the Old Spice guy's voice.