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  1. I’ve honestly never seen such an ungrateful, entitled pos before. Makes sense that someone had to step up and fill the void left by a certain user 🙄
  2. Lmao some people really will go to ridiculous lengths to defend or downplay Sean's dumbfuckery 😂
  3. I actually picture something like this happening when when he starts singing. I see a beautiful sunset on a cliff by the ocean lol. It's a beautiful and unexpected end to a great song.
  4. I know I'm ignoring my own advice here, but I have to get this clear... You're wondering why an incredibly formulaic pop album, that also came out at a time when there was less pirating in the industry, sold more than a non-pop album (with a few exceptions)? Gee, I wonder why. I love when the metalheads like to say LP sold out/went pop with ATS, yet also bring up the fact that HT and Meteora were two of the top selling albums of the decade... right up there with Britney Spears and such In order to "sell out", an artist can't be mainstream to begin with lol.
  5. Logic does not work with this one. It's best to ignore him.
  6. That's fair. It was just the way you worded it. Sounded like a cop-out to me.
  7. Easier to Run=CrawlingDon't Stay=One Step Closer Somewhere I Belong=In the End Numb=Pushing Me Away ^Just to start with. Not to mention nearly every song following the same reeeally specific formula of: -approximately 10-12 seconds of catchy soft instrumental -approximately 10-12 seconds of heavy guitars -first verse either being rapped or sung softly over the catchy instrumental -heavy chorus delivered by Chester -second verse exactly like first verse -heavy chorus exactly like first chorus -standard Linkin Park bridge around 2:00 into the song -and then a final chorus. Maybe they might really push the boundaries with a double chorus here The only somewhat different songs on there are, as you said, BTH and NL, but even those follow that formula almost exactly. Obviously, Meteora isn't a carbon-copy per se, but if you can't see that it was obviously their least creative output and was extremely similar to Hybrid Theory, you fail. Hence why the band has even referred to it as Hybrid Theory II.
  8. Hey I'm just saying you brought up something that had nothing to do with the argument that was going on. Not really trying to get involved in this. I would've called out a terrible argument even if it were pro-Chester.
  9. I don't particularly care for this whole Dave vs Chester thing, but that doesn't have anything to do with singing ability.
  10. I'm pretty sure Iridescent was said to be a working title that stuck.
  11. (8) Faint vs. (5) Waiting For The End (31) The Little Things Give You Away vs. (35) Don't Stay
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