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FM vs DBS (First few tracks)


FM vs DBS (First few tracks)  

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  1. 1. Which one?

    • FM (RTN, Believe Me, Petrified)
    • DBS (Fire, CBI, My Suffering)

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Fort Minor:

-Remember The Name


-Believe Me


Dead By Sunrise:


-Crawl Back In

-My Suffering


Take your pick. FM or DBS, so far from the first few tracks you've heard.

Maybe it's just me, but it seems like there was more hype in the community for FM....


Overall, although Fort Minor fucking rocked, I love Dead By Sunrise, and I was going crazy for it, listened to the bootlegs like crazy. (which was true for FM too..)


Jeez, I'm rambling... I choose DBS.

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Fort Minor's great, I like the songs though I'm not that into hip hop.

But I kinda had to get used to RTN - I didn't like it in the first place.

I like the three songs by Dead by Sunrise more... Then again I'm easy to please with rock.


Hmmm this is a tough one...

uuuuuuuuuh..... Man I can't decide... Both are great...

No answer... yet :lol:

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I used to love the FM shit...but I haven't really touched it in years to be honest. I voted for DBS, I think the songs are better and it's something new and fresh. I actually think Fire is my favorite DBS song that I've heard so far, everyone else thinks it's the worse.

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Walking in Circles; In the Darkness; Let Down >>> Fire; Crawl Back In; My Suffering

QFT. those three are also better than the three FM songs, IMO. but in this case, comparing these three DBS songs with those three FM songs, FM wins it for me.
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I may have voted for DBS, but...


Right Now, Feel Like Home, Red To Black >>> Fire, My Suffering, Crawl Back In


Remember The Name, Petrified, Believe Me, Where'd You Go <<<< Let Down, Walking In Circles, Fire, My Suffering


Remember The Name > Crawl Back In


Fort Minor ? Dead By Sunrise


Until Out of Ashes is actually released, it remains to be seen which is the better side project...

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puh...hard decision. I rather want to compare the whole albums...but I have to wait for OoA.


For now I'm with DBS! Simply because I prefer rock. But Mike's album was great...it's the only hip hop styled album I'm listening to. That's saying something!

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