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  1. This is a fairly big get for this site that tends to get some really big gets. Started this with a compliment and a smile! The transformation of this website from 'for the people' and liberation of content, to corporate management arm must be nearing completion. Exciting stuff considering how much Jeff has been trashed on this forum. Ha, sorry for the snark, still very excited for the interview. It'll be really cool to hear from Rob too... How awesome that Jeff was nice enough to grant this Q&A and bring him along. I have nothing against Jeff and always wondered why he sometimes got trashed in the fanbase 20 years later because honestly most fans still salivate over that album and this guy was so instrumental in helping them bring that vision to the masses. Bonus points for people trashing songs like Pictureboard and Stick N Move when Jeff probably had something to do with songs like that never moving forward in the recording process. I'm sorry, but this whole saga has been a little too ironic in its own face for me not to say something hahaha. Like... You know when you see the opportunity to say something and like... you won't feel right if you don't. Even though you know you should probably just not say anything. Totally there right now. The controversy! Don't @ me. Unless you want to. I miss you guys! *muah*
  2. This is the first time in well over a year I'm happy to be old now. I feel no need to get all bent out of shape over this remix. I say this because if this were between like '06-'14 I would've thrashed this hard. Hopefully there are many more to come. I'm glad they keep trickling stuff out here and there or I honestly don't know what I'd do.
  3. Set C Y to the R O S <---- That's a fact. 01. The Requiem / The Radiance (w/ Mario Savio speech) 02. Wretches and Kings (no intro; song starts immediately in verse 1) 03. Keys to The Kingdom 04. Lost In The Echo (w/ elements of KillsoniK remix) 05. With You (w/ extended intro; shortened) 06. Runaway (shortened) 07. Wastelands 08. Lies Greed Misery (w/ Dirtyphonics remix intro) 09. Points of Authority (w/ extended Reanimation intro) 10. Rebellion 11. Until It's Gone (shortened) 12. Waiting For a Light That Never Comes (shortened) 13. Numb (w/ Numb/Encore intro and outro) 14. Crawling (shortened) 15. Leave Out All The Rest 16. I'll Be Gone (w/ Empty Spaces/When They Come For Me/Primo intro) 17. Burn It Down 18. Blackout 19. Until It Breaks (w/ extended hits intro; Ends after verse 3) 20. Lying From You/DOYS (shortened) 21. Faint (w/ extended outro) -------------------------------------------------------------- 22. Guilty All The Same (w/ 2014 intro) 23. Fallout 24. The Catalyst 25. Papercut (w/ strings intro) 26. One Step Closer 27. A Line In The Sand I really just don't know. I actually like LP's soft and/or electronic stuff as much as their hard and/or classic stuff. I could see the set dragging a bit in the middle, but after the snooze induced sets of 2007/2008, I figure that this ain't half bad. plus you got songs they've never played in there. Everyone loves that jazz.
  4. [TAP] 14.11.1997 | West Hollywood, CA | Whisky A Go Go [PRO] I still don't believe this exists. The biggest myth in the community from when I joined in 2004 until now IMO. Me too! No love for: Fort Minor - [TAP] 01.02.2006 | Toronto, CA | Phoenix Concert Theater ? I thought you were known for your lists Skippes...? I am fairly sure that one exists though. It was a good show. I was there.
  5. It's a little late but wait... I'm sure I can add something to this... Let's take a stroll down memory lane to how I know our beloved webmaster. I'll try to follow the form of the staff members... I still remember first talking to Mark back in 2004 for the first time. Linkinparkforums.com was that place to be, and I was trading with his assistant at the time. He gave me the Juke Joint 2000 show for free. I proceeded to trade the show out to everyone and everyone to build up my own collection. I was solely responsible for that show becoming common when it did. (forgive me for not remembering his name... 'Don Byers' maybe?) But then I heard that this assistant of his was ripping off tons of foreign traders at the time, so I decided to deal with this guy directly. I was happy I did, as Mark was quite possibly the only guy I met that was as big an LP fan as I was... Man we could talk for hours about a single bootleg and not get bored, we talked for hours and hours about Linkin Park live shows. I learned so much from Mark... The common LPL member (staff or otherwise) wouldn't know this, but I was there.. From the time the entire LP community alienated him, and I (along with a guy called Vash) were his only friends, to the time he was bitching about not being a moderator on linkinparkforums.com, to the time he got a cease and desist letter for curefortheitch.com, to the time he first envisioned a LP Live Guide.... I was there. I remember... One night I got a message from some guy in L.A. claiming he had a Linkin Park bootleg from 1997. I called bullshit, but he provided me with a pretty convincing clip. Naturally, the first guy I went to, was Mark. Bet you wouldn't know this, but at the time, he was one of my best buddies in the LP community and we talked online everyday. He listened to the clip, and was just as ecstatic as I was, but we agreed to keep it under wraps until I could uncover more information. The guy who gave me the clip started getting distant and avoiding me for the longest time. As time went on, the first thing Mark would say to me every day when I first went on AIM was "Did you hear anything about that Xero show?" He started becoming distant as well, we were talking more about how great it would be to get the Xero show, and how we could be trading partners if I did, than about Linkin Park in general like we used to. Imagine his disappointment when I finally got a second clip from this guy, and all this second clip did was prove how fake the show really was. Me and Mark stopped talking for a few months. Fast forward to the end of 2005.... Linkin Park was on hiatus, trading was becoming less widespread, but Fort Minor was going full steam ahead. I think this is when I realized how obsessed Mark is with Mike Shinoda, because me and Mark were talking all the time again, only about Mike Shinoda and Fort Minor now. I was happy, because I got tickets to see Fort Minor live in Toronto. This was also a very exciting time for me, because it was the first LP (or LP related) show I was attending since I started trading. So naturally I wanted to tape it, lol. Mark was very excited, because I fully intended at the time to release the show everywhere once I recorded it. Unfortunately I didn't know exactly how to get the show off of my tapes and on to my computer. It was like last year all over again, now Mark was asking most days "How's that Toronto show coming along?" and not much else. It was around this time that the idea for a Linkin Park Live Guide started making rounds among Mark's "inner circle" if you want to call it that. Bet you wouldn't know this, but I came to Mark with the idea of a LP Live Guide before he even mentioned it to me, and long before what you see now even existed... That's when he told me that he was already contemplating this grand idea of having a fully updated, as complete as possible, all inclusive LP Live Guide. I was ecstatic about the idea, and asked if there was anything I could do to help. He told me that he had no idea, since he didn't even know what he was going to do with it yet. It was then that I offered my 2006 FM show to him. I figured if he could release a live show exclusively through the Live Guide, then that would have to get people to notice it and get behind it. I made it my personal mission to find a way to get that show on to the internet. I made some progress over time and found a way to do it. I remember somewhere during this time, Mark was becoming a pretty popular guy. He started talking about expanding the live guide into a full Linkin Park website of sorts. Once again, I asked if there was anything I could do to help, and once again, he told me that he didn't even know what he was going to do yet. Alas, they say bad luck always hits when you least need it to. My family's mortgage was foreclosed and we had 30 days to clear everything out and find another place to live. I was forced to completely cut off from the internet for several months, and didn't even get a chance to announce my long absence. (which is cheesy anyway, since people always do that but then come back a few days later...) It wasn't until after MTM was released and the the touring for that album was in its second year that I finally had a computer and internet back full time. I was shocked when I looked up the live guide, and found an awesome website with a grand layout, a forum, hell a whole community to go with it. Everyone was there... nkmar, AndOne, Jen, shadowfax, Astat, just to name a few. Only a few people remember who I was at the time Whew! So... Here we are today, you're the man of the hour, and I'm sitting here bitter wondering why the hell everything went in the direction it did. I'll always remember sticking up for you when everyone wanted you to just leave the community, when you had no one else to talk to online. I'll also always remember you for not giving a rat's ass about me (beyond what live shows I had) when I needed it, apparently not thinking I'm good enough to help you with anything relating to your live guide, acting like you barely know who I am when we used to talk everyday for at least six months straight, and of course still not recognizing me for anything other than when my bootleg can be your next exclusive. Happy Belated Birthday Mark.
  6. Mike said on his blog quite some time ago that the Machine Shop label is on hiatus, and thus inactive, right now anyway.
  7. Well, no sugar coating from me. That sucked and was a complete waste of time and space. Sorry. Aside from the CD (which can be bought from tons of different places anyway) the LPU is still a joke. Blah, Blah, let the music speak for itself... We're LPUer's not the general public... What does the LPU know that everyone else doesn't? Nothing.
  8. Cyro

    3000 Members

    *insert cheesy kiss ass comment here* No, but seriously congratulations... This is, without a doubt, the best LP fansite around right now. You guys don't have the kind of competition that was around back in the day though, so be thankful!
  9. Chestersings was da bomb. It's the website that really got me going in collecting live shows. I will likely bid on this collection, but may not win if the price gets too ridiculous.
  10. I highly doubt it... It wouldn't make much sense, and the casual LP fan wouldn't know DBS anyway. They can't even fit many pre-MTM non-singles in their sets as it is. I love DBS, but even I wouldn't want it.
  11. I have that shirt. I bought it from eBay back in 2004. So, while it may be a reprint, that is definitely what the real shirt looks like.
  12. This. This is true. This is why we all wanted to find more early 2000 shows back in the day.
  13. Thank goodness, some sense for once. I'm so sick of people trying to convince me that Across The Line or Blackbirds actually have a good chance of being played live.
  14. Reading My Eyes was played at a few European shows, and we have no DSPs for any of them, and high quality recordings aren't readily available. The fact that they didn't play it at all anywhere outside of Europe = failure. But it was a nice surprise. And Session was awesome, but let's be honest... it was like a one minute instrumental... It didn't impact the shows all that much, even though it is one of my favorites. And besides Session, the whole setlist for that tour was a greatest hits compilation. Besides, my only real point of that rant was that I don't believe 'Across The Line' will be played. I'm sorry, but I really got into LP live shows back in 2003/4 when LP really used to do interesting things with their setlists. Back then Projekt Revolution was the shit for us LP fans because LP always had interesting setlists for that tour. Now Projekt Revolution, and most of their tours in general, are pretty generic outside of like one or two surprises.
  15. LP had been gone for awhile, and wanted something new to play at the Summer Sonic shows in 2006. Hence we received QWERTY. It was never meant to be on Minutes to Midnight, and it was written on the way to Japan with its only purpose to be something new to play. Saying that Across The Line has as much of a chance as QWERTY to be played is dumb. QWERTY was written with every intent to be played very shortly. The same cannot be said about Across The Line. Considering LP hasn't played anything from LPU releases since 2002, and they have said repeatedly that they prefer to play singles above all else, it's not too far fetched to assume that they WOULD NOT play Across The Line. I understand we would all love it to be played, but honestly, beyond hope, what is there to go on that it has a chance to be played... I would not be shocked if the setlist was something like this (for the first promo tour): 01. Given Up 02. Lying From You 03. Somewhere I Belong 04. NEW SONG 05. NEW SONG 06. What I've Done 07. Leave Out All The Rest 08. Numb 09. Breaking The Habit 10. Shadow Of The Day 11. Crawling 12. In The End 13. Bleed It Out 14. Faint ------------------------------ 15. New Divide 16. NEW SONG 17. One Step Closer After the MTM tour cycle, I'm more of a realist. The real truth is... LP normally doesn't do anything interesting (to us super fans) with their setlists... And it only got worse as the cycle went on. I cannot honestly believe they will play Across The Line, and it baffles me why some of you seem so sure.
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