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  1. Can't understand it, "Until It Breaks" has such a great rapping. But the rest of the song is near to bullshit!
  2. Nice to see someone who isn't satisfied with everything!
  3. Until the crazy "Victimized" its a really good album, but all songs following are just weak and boring. Only Powerless is good, and a very good choice for a closer imo because of an epic ending. "Lost In The Echo", "In My Remains" and "I'll Be Gone" are my favourites so far.
  4. Finally we can listen to Living Things!
  5. As you can see, Meteroa has the shortest length so far
  6. uuuhmmm....maybe the best shouting sequence of Chester EVER. But that beat..."it sucks" would be too friendly I guess.
  7. +1000000 We have to wait for the DSP to hear what Mike is doing ^^
  8. This whole set is what I've waited for since the ATS touring cycle started. This is a set for a real rock concert again, not for a family event where moms raisin' their lighters to a bunch of ballads and senseless intros together with their kiddies. I know, now are coming the ATS lovers again: "Nu-metal is for retarded college kids, grow up, ATS is art...blabla". I don't care about people who want to change WTCFM for Runaway...I mean, it was the first performance since FIVE years! I really hope LP sticks to this set for the European Tour, they will kick ass at their festival apperances again! Some Proshots of the HT songs would be nice before we finally have to say goodbye to Runaway,etc when the US tour starts.
  9. I have to say that I like the "new" set much better than the old. Only drop Numb for BTH,BTH sounds a way better,imo. And it sucks a bit that The Requiem is dropped but all in all i love this set! BIO with the APFMH bridge and OSC are badass show closer.
  10. 01. The Requiem 02. Wretches & Kings 03. Papercut (long intro) 04. Given Up (studio version) 05. QWERTY (studio version) 06. Jornada Del Muerto 07. Waiting For The End 08. Figure.09 09. From The Inside (long Intro) 10. When They Come For Me 11. No More Sorrow (long intro) 12. Don't Stay 13. Bleed It Out (drum intro,w/ BITS in the bridge,ext outro) 14. By Myself (03 intro) 15. Shadow Of The Day 16. Crawling (reanimation intro) 17. In The End 18. The Radiance (scratched) 19. Breaking The Habit 20. New Divide 21. Faint (extended outro) ------------------------- 22. My December (acoustic) 23. The Messenger (acoustic) 24. Leave Out All The Rest (acoustic) ------------------------- 25. What I've Done (ambo intro) 26. The Catalyst 27. P5hng Me Aw*y 28. A Place For My Head (04 intro/bridge) 29. One Step Closer (reanimation bridge,NO extended outro) ------------------------- 30. Pale (Chester says thanks to the crowd)
  11. After what I've read last night over here like "Only instrumetals?? SHIT!", "Worst LPU ever!" and "This CD sucks!" ..I was like: "Oh no please don't let it be like that". Right now I am listening to this CD and besides the WID remix, PTB and the POA demo, this CD is fucking awesome! I don't care at all about lyrics if there's anything good and new of LP. And for everyone who bitches at LP for putting the WID-remix on the CD... they are not perfect and they never will be. Nice work Linkin Park, hands down.
  12. Good thought! But to be honestly,I want to listen to this DSP immediately too
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