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Passing of a legend


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While this is strictly not Linkin Park related, all music fans are feeling loss with the death of Michael Jackson at the age of 50 earlier today in Los Angeles, CA due to cardiac arrest.


Whether you were a fan or not, his musical career spanned from the 1960s through present day and his influence can still be felt when it comes to music, choreography, production, videos and many other facets of the industry.


Please, remain respectful in your posts.





NY Times

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May the king of pop rest in peace. :( He was and will forever be my number one artist of all time. I was so shocked when i read about it. His talent has inspired waves of artists. There will be no one like him ever again. I wish his family well.


You may not like his music, but you cannot deny his talent and success.


Michael Jackson is a god!

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I really appreciate someone making this thread. Michael Jackson's influence on music can only really be matched by Elvis and The Beatles.


One of the greatest entertainers to ever live.


R.I.P. Michael Jackson.

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i honestly did not like his music, but i admit his influence on many different genres of music was amazing. i am not saddened by his death in the slightest (as i am a believer of the allegations placed against him a few years ago) but the music scene will not be the same with out him.

You always say the most unncecessary things in your posts. Jesus Christ.



May he RIP. I'll remember what he gave to the world. Remember the good not the bad. RIP King of Pop

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This is what the world news section is for..


Everyone on the site already knows, it isn't breaking news on lpl, so it shouldn't be on newswire, that's pointless.

This is breaking news for all Music lovers and followers. Even metal heads appreciate his music. This man was a bit eccentric lol but he was the best performer to ever grace this earth.

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