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  1. Agreed. And I didn't know about the 8-10 guitar tracking. That sounds nuts, haha! I've just quad tracked stuff, and that sounds excessive too sometimes. I'll look it up. And that's a HOG, yes. Not a fan of it.
  2. Quick thoughts on first listen: 1. The chorus sounds not a million miles away from that Sum 41 song. 2. That solo in the end is sort of pointless. Just covering it up with all that wah and a few random notes. I've never really been a fan of the similar thing that Brad does on the extended outro of Faint. 3. It sounds like a grower, though. I can imagine it would sound killer live, if anything. Has an anthemic feel to it. 4. Not digging the guitar tone. I wish Brad got back to that HUGE monster of a guitar tone that he had on the first two albums. By that I don't mean that t
  3. THANK HEAVENS that they finally played Burning in the Skies. Not a bad first performance. Mike will get close with his notes soon enough, we can cut him some slack, right? And oh, I guess I'm the only one who found BiTS better than Iridescent. Sure, I like Iridescent as well, its a nice song. But there's something radically infectious about BitS. It is a standard LP "verse-chorus-verse-bridge-chorus" song, but its catchy as fuck! I'd love for it to be the next single, instead of Iridescent (still not confirmed, right?). For me, BitS > Iridescent, by a small margin. Live, it ain'
  4. Crawling, In The End and Pushing Me Away ... ACOUSTIC? I don't even know they've ever done that. Do recording of any of those exist?
  5. While listening to the album, I've been thinking of the right word that would describe the music that I'm hearing, sitting in my dark room right now, with my headphones on. And really, the only word that comes to mind, is "Beautiful". I don't fucking care if there's less Brad or less old-school Linkin Park sound on ATS. All I know is that, right now, I'm listening to some really beautiful music ... and its making me think about the expansive landscape that music, in general, can create in our minds. And if a "mainstream" band like LP has come up with an album like "this", then I'm g
  6. Its unbelievable, really. First The Rev, then Pete Steele, then Dio, now Paul Gray.......WHAT'S UP WITH THE MUSIC COMMUNITY? R.I.P. Paul Gray
  7. In all honesty, I think it'll go to AIC - Check My Brain.....and it deserves one as well.
  8. Could I have an invitation as well? Thanx in advance!! *mail removed*
  9. Wow, this is only one of the few albums in my collection that never gets old. I still listen to it and find something new. How many albums can you say that about? That's the best part about it. I saw OSC's video and right after that came Crawling (how many times does that happen? Two videos of a new band, back to back.)......man, I remember running to the record store to buy this album. Damn, I still remember how much I loved it when I heard Papercut when I popped it into my discman. Fucking great record man. I think it's a classic, in real terms, cuz I truly believe that even LP themselves ca
  10. I want Walking In Circles to be a single SOOOOOOOOO BAD!!
  11. Ha! Na dude, I wasn't attacking you or anything. Sorry if I sounded like that. The internet never translates human emotion too well I guess. Now, If you said it like the way you just did now instead of that Fresh band Pro band translation, then I'd agree with you totally, which I do NOW, I might add. Your "translation" of what I wrote was not really....ya know, accurate. You make sense now that you explained what you meant brother. You see footage of RAR '01 and see them live now, you'd definitely see (at least) some difference in their energy. Brad - He hardly moves, i'll be frank
  12. @rav0k - I couldn't disagree more. Where the fuck did the money aspect pop out from dude? The sound, the "TONE" of the instruments, has changed a lot, guitars and drums especially. And that is just my own perception. Im not saying that anyone else has to feel that way. Money??? Well, who doesn't want it anyway? I would! And besides, the sound has got nothing to do with money. So all in all....it's just a stupid thing to say in the first place.
  13. Random thought - Im listening to With You from Ozzfest '01 after such a long time right now....and maybe it's just me, the LP "sound" back then was something else man. Like, even when they play the same songs now - A Place For My Head, Crawling, One Step Closer, With You....all of these and more, they tinkered so much with the whole "TONE", be it Brad's guitars and amps settings or the obvious change in the sound of Rob's drums since MTM happened....it just doesn't feel the same, the old songs i.e.. Does anyone else feel like that? Like I said, maybe it's just me. Im not saying it's
  14. The first album I bought - Thriller, age 4. Fuck the controversies, I remember him for his music and showmanship....enough of turbulence for a man's life. There will be no performer on a stage like him. Period. R.I.P. Sir.
  15. Now im gonna wait for the video like crazy ... damn!