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  1. Just so we're clear that image was put there to throw off the cheaters. If you look at both images they wouldn't overlap
  2. What the hell are you talking about? They're still pixels
  3. Is anyone else having trouble putting the songs on an ipod? EDIT: Some of these songs are so out of place, Never Let Me Down and The Wind Blows shouldn't be on this IMO
  4. Yeah but he was so badly in debt around the time of the 2nd trial that he couldn't afford to pay off anyone. But look what happened, he was aquitted. Because there was NO proof The first person in 1991 who accused him was a liar and was caught in their lies so he just paid them to make it all stop.
  5. Yes because there was proof that he did that.
  6. New Divide won't fit in the movie either. Also Second To None definitely didn't fit in the first movie lol
  7. I was bored and people are dumb.
  8. Don't think that just because it's on a official looking website that it's real. Back when Seed of Chucky was coming out I created a fake tracklisting for the soundtrack and it ended up on some pretty big sites.
  9. Dolla died today. I don't know if he worked on anything with Fort Minor but his name was in a title on We Major.
  10. It's titled Lockjaw, I doubt that'll be the final name though No vocals 2:29 long
  11. DIJ Metal


    This DVD is epic! I can't wait to watch it on my TV
  12. uh that's extremely pointless. I know LP has only been to Taiwan twice but there can't possibly be that many people showing up early that they need to get there 6 weeks in advance. maybe 1 week at the most If someone did this in America they wouldn't be told how "hardcore" they wouldn't get this kind of recognition. They aren't "hardcore" they obviously don't have lives and want to get recognized so they did something stupid. good job! LP have only been here 3 times and the last time I went I got there at 10am and there was no one in line. How is this any different?
  13. I think before they release another concert DVD they need to release Frat Party 2!! god damn it
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