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  1. And of course, Oklahoma is rejected once again...
  2. Personally I can't see What We Don't Know being a hit single. It's not catchy enough and it's a little repetitive. I don't know...maybe I'm just hearing it differently than everyone else.
  3. Yea Not Alone stuck to me for some reason. I still really like it. On a different subject, for those who complain that these are all just a bunch of instrumentals, it'd be a really good idea to open your mind to instrumentals. Instrumentals can say more than lyrics say and can take you places in your mind that songs with lyrics can't. Just be open minded.
  4. To be honest, I never really liked ATL all that much in the first place. I don't want to sound like a jerk, but I liked Not Alone a lot more than ATL.
  5. You know what...that synth in the backround of pale reminds me of the intro to Nine Inch Nails-Closer (Live) EDIT: Listening to it again, I have to agree with you. Pale is slightly more epic than ATL.
  6. Maybe...maybe not. Maybe I think In Between is better than both of them. Maybe I hate Linkin Park and I'm actually a die hard Justin Bieber fan with Jonas Brothers posters in my room.
  7. K...that's a little weird. Btw, I Have Not Begun Yet>ATL lol jk
  8. You do realize that no matter what anybody says, you're not going to let anyone convince you that ATL isn't the superior song, right?
  9. Very nice interview. Too bad I was probably the only one who really liked this song. aw well.
  10. I think Mike is Trent Reznor's little brother. Serisouly, that was an epic post by Mike. Just so you know Mike (not that you'd read this but whatever), I thought A Thousand Suns was LP's most amazing album since Reanimation. I love the direction you're going with your music and your live shows (more visual oriented stuff sounds so amazing I can't wait to see you guys). Keep up the good work.
  11. Best review ever. Though he was exagerating a little bit it sounds like he didn't say "No guitars? No screaming? No rapping? A song that sounds a slightly poppy? SELLOUTS!!! SELLOUTS!!! THIS ALBUM SUCKS DON'T LISTEN TO IT!!!" and instead took a good listen to it, took the music business into consideration, took their previous work into consideration, and took the constant pressures and nagging into the consideration, and then wrote the review.
  12. When They Come For Me is my favorite song on the album. It makes me want to start a revolution in a desert country. The only part I don't like about this song is the "Muthafucka" from Mike. I'm all getting into it and then Mike goes "MUTHAFUCKA!" and all the emotion just pauses. Instead of a revolution, it turns into a gangster rap song which is something we don't need on this album. But the chorus always brings me nack into the song. I also loved the slow songs. It feels very fluid, almost like I'm floating while I'm listening. I think this is Linkin Park's best work EVER. Reanimation is the only thing that competes with it in my opinion.
  13. DAMMIT!!! We were so close....I bet Mike is facepalming right now.
  14. I actually really like Mike's singing in the album unlike some of you. His deep smooth voice is a nice getaway from Chester's high scratchy voice. Iridescent and Messenger sounds a little too poppy for me, and Robot Boy and Burning in the Skies is tolerable from what I can hear. Everything else is AMAZING ASGHSOADIFJOS NFLINHASDFOFG!!1!
  15. Pop? Doesn't sound like any pop song I've ever heard.
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