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Meteora (20th Anniversary Edition) | Out Now!


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It happened! The 20th anniversary edition of the band's second album Meteora is finally here!


Let us know, what is your favorite part of the boxset / digital edition and what is your favorite song from the Lost Demos.

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9 minutes ago, blackout said:


Some people on shoutbox have said that they have received it. Mine got shipped but I'll probably get it tomorrow at the earliest.

Oh ok 

I'm crazy to see the dvd's.

Unfortunately I haven't been able to buy the box yet.

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21 minutes ago, LPLStaff said:

Huge day for the Linkin Park community. Glad to celebrate it all with you!

For many months, even before any announcement of the band, we already talked here, it's good that all this happened.
I am really happy!
Have fun everyone!

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Some big disappointments on the lost demos - SPOILERS



Cuidado, Interrogation and Wesside have no vocals

Faint Meteora|20 Demo is just the LPU 9 version from the acetate (longer intro) with a longer outro and no Chester scream on the bridge. Literally pointless putting both the LPU 9 Demo and this one in the same release

PS - Resolution is NOT a demo of Lost

PPS - Live In Texas is still censored, Nottingham is not

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10 minutes ago, linkindan said:

PS - Resolution is NOT a demo of Lost


It is, and it is confirmed by Brad in the track-by-track. And the LP teaser campaign using Resolution on the TikTok tape video for the Lost promo. The band themselves consider Lost a Resolution demo, even though it is wildly different. It shares the bridge becoming the chorus of Lost, and synths, etc in the song. And that is why Resolution is on the NRG song board - it became Lost.


4 minutes ago, arcyy57 said:

I know this is exciting stuff and all but I'm just glad LP fans got back together at a "massive" scale (see what I did there haha) to solve the mysteries and stuff. It was great


Agreed - it has been epic.


3 minutes ago, leftshoe18 said:

Does anybody know whether Snoop Dogg is on this?


No Snoop.

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44 minutes ago, LinkinParkFan said:

Plaster 2 bridge is the best thing I have ever heard from LP!!!

Its a weird and messy guitar riff but so damn cool. Learning that by ear will be a nightmare for me 

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I haven't even heard it yet but I don't get the resistance to accept Resolution as a demo to Lost when we have Holding Company, Animals and Blue.


Songs are just collections of beats, tempos, chord progressions, melodies, tones, samples...any piece can be taken out and brought into another project, slowed down, sped up, completely rearranged. If one bounce of a track represents elements or thinking that led to another bounce, then it is just so. "Demo" is a word we use to get that across. If the band calls it a demo, we might as well. Even if the band doesn't call something a demo, you could say that some tracks are "demos" just to get the idea across, i.e. So Far Away is a demo for Soundtrack, in a sense. 

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What I want to hear is some mix with vocals from the instrumental demos or instrumental parts of the demos, like interrogation, husky, a6, plaster 2, etc with the final song, the Hit The Floor chorus fits perfectly on A6

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