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2017.05.06 - Buenos Aires, Argentina - Maximus Festival

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Here's the moment we've been waiting for since fall 2015 - the kickoff of a brand new Linkin Park tour. The band heads to South America this weekend to play a total of four shows across the continent. Up first is Buenos Aires, Argentina, kicking off the mini tour, on May 6th! Linkin Park will headline Maximus Festival at Estadio Cubierto de Tecnópolis, playing after Rob Zombie and Slayer.

This will be the first full band Linkin Park show since November 15, 2015 - the longest break in the band's history between shows. They took all of 2016 off, another first, to record the album. The South American Tour encompasses four shows in four countries across eight day. While this isn't the largest South American Tour that they've done as 2012 had five shows, this is the first time LP has played four countries on the tour. Mainly this is because they are returning to Santiago, Chile for the first time since 2010 as well as playing their first show ever in Lima, Peru.

The Buenos Aires and São Paulo, Brazil shows are a part of Maximus Festival and are the first and last shows, respectively, of the tour.

Now, a look at Buenos Aires. Linkin Park has performed there twice before, so this will be their third show in the country. The first show came in 2010 when they debuted the full headlining setlist for A Thousand Suns, giving live debuts to (Empty Spaces), When They Come For Me, Wisdom Justice, & Love, and The Messenger. This show was a headlining performance at Estadio José Amalfitani.


In 2012, the band returned, once again to kick off the South American Tour, at Estadio G.E.B.A. almost exactly two years after their first show in Buenos Aires. The popular set with A Place For My Head opening was played and something wild at that show is that New Divide was aborted mid-song due to the crowd being so rowdy and the band having to stop! There were heavy rumors for Argentina to get a 2014 show too, as dates were being leaked by promoters, but they couldn't get the deal done at the end of the day unfortunately.

What has Linkin Park been up to earlier this year? In February, March, and April, they performed a series of promotional shows for Heavy and One More Light. They played both "stripped down" with Mike and Chester (and sometimes Brad or a guest on Heavy) as well as a few full band performances of Heavy, like at James Corden and at ECHO.

So what can we expect for this show and setlist? Mike mentioned in March that Linkin Park will be performing five new songs from One More Light. We already know that Heavy and Good Goodbye will be in the setlist, as we've see them perform Heavy twice on television already and Good Goodbye was just rehearsed and broadcasted on the Linkin Park Facebook page. Mike debuted a new verse on the song and there is also a brand new extended intro, so the song will be in a much different form live.

Other songs we saw Linkin Park post on social media throughout their recent rehearsal day that will be in the setlist include Lost in the Echo (possibly the first full song performance since January 2014), Wastelands, Burn It Down, and what looks like Bleed It Out closing the show again.

So what other songs will be played from One More Light? At a private Warner Bros. Records party in March, LP played Talking To Myself and One More Light (song) both in stripped down forms. Both of these songs sound great.

But just before that, Linkin Park debuted Invisible in full band form at James Corden, but that song's performance has not been aired or released yet. In fact, no recordings at all have surfaced of that performance and we aren't even sure what the song sounds like. Add in the fact that Battle Symphony has been played stripped down with Mike and Chester....aaaand we're looking at six songs from the album that have been played in some form. Six is more than five, so we could see Heavy, Battle Symphony, Good Goodbye and any two of these three - Invisible, Talking To Myself, and One More Light (song)....or we could even see something else played off of the album that hasn't been debuted yet in any form.

Linkin Park started rehearsing EARLY for this world tour. Due to their promotional schedule taking up a lot of time in February, March, and April, they kicked off world tour rehearsals all the way back in January, so they should be very familiar with this new setlist as it has been planned out for quite a while. As far as what else to expect... Mike in an LPU chat a month ago mentioned that they might play the full version of Leave Out All The Rest in the set. This could possibly be a nod to the 10 year anniversary of Minutes To Midnight which is happening this month as well. Lastly, Chuck D from Prophets of Rage stopped by the band's rehearsals and Prophets is on the bill for this show.... could we see a possible collaboration?

There is no webcast for this one, so We will update you on a webcast (if it ends up happening), but stay tuned to our social media and site throughout the day as we update you with the setlist, pictures, and videos! We might set a new page view record for the views on this one... the current holder of it is Tucson, AZ 2014, the kickoff show on The Hunting Party World Tour at over 17,300+ views. The Buenos Aires page has over 1,100 and the show day isn't even here yet.


Who is heading to the show? For those of you not going, what do you think the new set will have in it? Lost in the Echo is already a surprise, but there could be more in store too.

After South America, Linkin Park keeps right on going and returns to the United States for several promotional appearances when One More Light is released - May 18th at Jimmy Kimmel Live in Los Angeles, CA and May 19th at CBS's SPF in Las Vegas, NV. Then, an eighteen show tour of Europe kicks off in early June with a mixture of festival shows and arena shows.


  1. Fallout/Roads Untraveled (Live Debut; 1st Performance of RU Ever)
  2. The Catalyst (First time since August 2013)
  3. Wastelands (w/ War Outro Sample)
  4. Talking To Myself (Full Band Live Debut; World Premiere)
  5. Burn It Down
  6. One Step Closer (2007 Intro; Ext. Outro)
  7. Castle Of Glass (Experience Version)
  8. Good Goodbye (Live Debut; Live Version)
  9. Lost In The Echo (Europe 2014 Shortened Version)
  10. Battle Symphony (Full Band Live Debut; Chester on guitar)
  11. New Divide (Ext. Synth Intro)
  12. Breaking The Habit (Acapella Outro)
  13. Crawling (Piano Version)
  14. Leave Out All The Rest (2017 Intro; First full band performance since 2011)
  15. Somewhere I Belong
  16. What I've Done (2017 Intro; Ext. Guitar Solo Bridge)
  17. In The End (Intro Pause)
  18. Faint (Ext. Outro)
  19. Numb (Numb/Encore Intro + Outro)
  20. Heavy
  21. Papercut
  22. Bleed It Out (Ext. Singalong Bridge; Ext. Ending)

For the full list of 2017 tour dates, visit our 2017 tour page.

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My biggest question right now is are they're going to bring back the acts setlist or not. I think they're only going to play Heavy, Good Goodbye and possibly Battle Symphony in South America, and add the rest of the OML songs they're planning to play for the European tour.

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How I love those preshow posts!! <3 Great work Mark!
I think they will go back to the "normal" setlists like they did before 2014 and they almost did in 2015 again. No instrumental intros like Blackout, Robot Boy, or Joe Solo.

Set time is around 90 minutes in Argentina and Brasil so we can except around 22-24 full songs.


I was so happy to see LITE will back again and hopefully in the full version because we in Europe never saw it in this version :P

And the live version of Good Goodbye is so much better than the OML style.


I except that GG, Heavy and BS are safe and there is still hope that they will return some rare songs from LT and THP.

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After watching the Good Goodbye FB video again and again... Chester should sing the refrain two times after the second rap part of Mike or a little drum play to extend it and the song would get even more energy!

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Who confirmed that Invisible was performed? I know its been mentioned that LPU members supposedly got to hear it, but who officially stated it?

I had several friends in attendance. It was filmed for future release so maybe Invisible is another single down the road.

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Who confirmed that Invisible was performed? I know its been mentioned that LPU members supposedly got to hear it, but who officially stated it?

Confirmed by people in attendance. https://www.lpassociation.com/forum/threads/february-27-2017-the-late-late-show-with-james-corden.42872/page-11#post-1422393


I wouldn't necessarily expect them to play 5 songs from the album at this point. That quote was in reference to the UK shows, and the album isn't out yet.

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I don't think they will rehearse between South America and Europe. I bet they keep the same set for all 22 shows in that period and if they do a rotation it doesn't start until the USA. That's just a guess. I mean they could easily play 3 OML songs in S.A. and 5 in Europe without having to rehearse, but that's quite a bit of time between playing the extra OML songs in rehearsals, skipping S.A. and then taking them to Europe.


Just my 2 cents.

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I'm going! I would love to hear One More Light and Talking To Myself, maybe even Sorry For Now too.


Talking about the livestream, I have no idea if it will happen, but they did it last year's Maximus Festival so I think it's likely to occur.

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I'm going! I would love to hear One More Light and Talking To Myself, maybe even Sorry For Now too.


Talking about the livestream, I have no idea if it will happen, but they did it last year's Maximus Festival so I think it's likely to occur.


Hope so. I always hold off because at the last second LP mgmt says no a lot of the time, like the Belgium 2015 show. We will see.

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