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In the Studio with Martin Garrix


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Mike has just posted a picture of himself and electronic/EDM artist Martin Garrix, followed by Martin posting a followup with Mike! The band is just starting work on the follow up to last year's The Hunting Party, which just so happened to feature a handful of guests... Is this a foreshadowing of what's to come?



This could mean any number of things:

  • Linkin Park's next record will continue the trend of featured guests on songs. THP boasted Rakim, Paige Hamilton, Daron Malakian, and Tom Morello.
  • New Fort Minor material? Back on the band's Summer European tour, Mike was rumored to have entered the studio with a special guest in London, a UK artist... With how well 'Welcome' came about, it's not too unlikely some new FM material may be in the works with some friends.
  • Will this be the band's next direction? They're certainly not complete strangers to electronic music; Living Things, Recharged, and multiple collaborations with Steve Aoki show that they are definitely capable of creating some great music.
  • A collaboration with Martin for his new album that comes out in 2016.

Many of you know Martin for his song Animals...

Linkin Park entered the studio almost immediately after the European Tour came to a conclusion in September. According to Joe's DJ tech Warren Willis, the band has spent a good bit of time already working on new music.

What are your thoughts? Is new music closer than we think?
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Another EDM artist? :(

New FM Music is good.but about LP it's not working very well.



  • Linkin Park's next record will continue the trend of featured guests on songs. THP boasted Page Hamilton, Daron Malakian, and Tom Morello.

And Rakim

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I am and always have been in favour of LP experimenting new things, new genres of music, everything they like, I am a great fan of ATS which is my favourite LP album, BUT I would be disappointed if they will make a whole EDM album. A song would be ok, even 2, but not a whole album. I'm not a fan of EDM music, but that's not even the main point... I just think that they already did enough with that genre and it would be boring and a waste of energy and time. I'm absolutely not that kind of fan who's always like "make another HT pleasssseeee", I don't even say that they have to make another ATS or THP, I just want them to keep experimenting, changing genre and all of this, but not going to EDM direction. I would be really really disappointed.
Anyway, I don't want to be completely negative about the new album only because of a picture about a possible collaboration of which we know nothing at all. It could even be a great collab which will not sound like stuff made with Steve Aoki. I want to be optimistic for now and so I'll wait for what's to come :) Too early to be catastrophic about this.

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I'll be happy if LP did an EDM album, or an album with EDM influences. In general, I'm interested by every new direction the band is trying to explore. Having said that, and the fact I enjoyed the collabs with Steve a lot, I'm excited to see what the band is able to do in the EDM direction. However, I do think this is probably FM related, or a collab for Martin's new album. Makes more sense to me.

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