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  1. I don' expect very much from the sound of this song, but I put my trust in the lyrics. They highligheted multiple times that the lyrics of this album are deep and deal with tough personal topics but I have the feeling that they put out the less personal songs as singles or at least those with more simple lyrics, so I am expecting more in terms of lyrics content from the rest of the album. The sound is another things and I am not expecting anything better than what we heard so far. Btw I still hope there's something sounding a bit like Twenty One Pilots on the album because I am starting to like them in these days and it's a kind of electropop that I enjoy.
  2. ​Not true, look at ATS era. They performed some promotional shows in US to celebrate the release of the album and than they played in South America when the album was already released. ​Maybe this is the case also for this new album.
  3. I think that they will announce at least other 5 or 6 dates. Maybe another one in France, one in Netherlands, one in Italy and then something like Switzerland or England or Russia. I don't know. ​An italian show could be right after France or Austria. ​We are all waiting in Italy
  4. What??? No It's so sad... I'm not a big fan of Stone Temple Pilots, but I really wanted to listen to the album they were planning to make, with Chester it could have been great but different from LP style of course, so something interesting. I'm also sad cause I know that Chester loves STP and this could have been a really bad and hard decision for him to take. I still hope it's not true and that it's just bullshit Weiland likes to say (I kinda hate that man). Anyway, waiting for an official confirmation.
  5. I am and always have been in favour of LP experimenting new things, new genres of music, everything they like, I am a great fan of ATS which is my favourite LP album, BUT I would be disappointed if they will make a whole EDM album. A song would be ok, even 2, but not a whole album. I'm not a fan of EDM music, but that's not even the main point... I just think that they already did enough with that genre and it would be boring and a waste of energy and time. I'm absolutely not that kind of fan who's always like "make another HT pleasssseeee", I don't even say that they have to make another ATS or THP, I just want them to keep experimenting, changing genre and all of this, but not going to EDM direction. I would be really really disappointed. Anyway, I don't want to be completely negative about the new album only because of a picture about a possible collaboration of which we know nothing at all. It could even be a great collab which will not sound like stuff made with Steve Aoki. I want to be optimistic for now and so I'll wait for what's to come Too early to be catastrophic about this.
  6. They didn't reharse for China. Anyway that's fine, as I said I didn't expect new songs, maybe just a small change like With You instead of POA or something like that, but I'm fine with the setlist. Ready to rock in Rome at Rock in Roma
  7. I'm not disappointed, I'm glad there are four THP songs Never expected KTTK, Mike said they aren't going to play it this tour. I just find it weird that they reharsed to play the same setlist.
  8. Did they really reharse just to put up the same US festival with GU and Rebellion switched and POA added? Hope the other half of the setlist have at least a little surprise... Final Masquerade, so 4 THP songs in the setlist so far.
  9. No KTTK debut in Europe... I already knew it
  10. Not the best show for a live stream, I have to say. Chester was clearly tired, I didn't like his performance in heavy songs like Given Up, One Step Closer, POA... his voice was a bit weird and he looks tired, looking at his face and the screams weren't all good. The crowd didn't look involved in the first few songs (at least this is my impression).
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