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  1. Thank you! I completely forgot No Roads Left was released on disc. I was just wondering if they were available out there in lossless format, specially Rolling In The Deep. I was wondering about the whole EP actually because I just saw it on Tidal and it has a 'Master' tag on it.
  2. Hey did No Roads Left, Across The Line and Rolling In The Deep get released only on iTunes? If you get it please let me know, I got tired of looking for those and that Hybrid Party Of A Thousand Things with no success. Which one?
  3. Mark vocals fits it perfectly, I hope we can get that version in the same quality as the Forgotten Demos one day... Also gotta say I think Mike sounds better on the Chester version though.
  4. Pictureboard with Mark but with better quality/better rip this time. Moar Xero tracks like this and Rhinestone 1998 recorded in a good studio. Other Xero tracks with Chester. Stick N Move ♥
  5. Did you record Stick N Move with Chester as well?
  6. Okay great, so theres still hope some Xero demos could have the cd sampler quality... Gimme that Stick N Move with Chesta!
  7. Careful, only Grey Daze stuff is allowed to be called cash grab I think. 👀
  8. Just listened part of their recent interview and Im honestly affraid that it will be the tape version lmao.
  9. I remember that discussion from the Orkut days hah... They sound a little bit similar, this band was cool, sad how they ended. LMAO Chorão talking out of his ass. The "estádio" part might not be literally though, at least I dont remember we using any word for Exhibition Hall other than that or "arena".