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  1. Damn... And what about the Wish one you did? Can you post it again? And is this My Suffering from LP too?
  2. Copy of the cd I think as the one on Discogs was sold. Im kinda pissed, not gonna lie, Im online on that sheet all the time but still missed it, damn.
  3. Would have loved a professional recording of this.
  4. Lets just calm down and have some cinnamon tea instead of a fight.
  5. Im gonna bet that at this point a couple of people have already messaged the guy. Just noticed there are comments on the video about LP from months ago, nice.
  6. Aw we were this close to finally seeing one of their Xero days live performance. Crazy how this was uploaded years ago and took this long to more people notice.
  7. Not really a fan but still gonna give it a listen.
  8. Im trying it out... The program is asking me the SID for the files (no idea what this is).
  9. I remember Joe also played at some club some time ago. Is there any recording of his solo sets yet?
  10. Never really liked Grey Daze, but now after listening the new versions and coming back to the originals Im kinda enjoying it. By the way where can I download all the stuff linked here?
  11. Oh cool! Didnt know TIDAL also had a store to download stuff, nice, thank you very much.
  12. Thanks a lot for the help man. Got it.
  13. Yo martinez where do you buy songs in Apple Lossless format?
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