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  1. Damn this show was awesome. Love it even with the imperfections and shit. Gotta agree with the other comments here though, video quality would be much better without the AI upscale, DVD res/480p is fine despite yt constantly making the bitrate for slower resolutions worse as time goes by. COME TO BRAZIL!!! Jokes aside, a pro-shot vid of that show would be cool too, I doubt it will get released but well one can dream.
  2. Thank you! I completely forgot No Roads Left was released on disc. I was just wondering if they were available out there in lossless format, specially Rolling In The Deep. I was wondering about the whole EP actually because I just saw it on Tidal and it has a 'Master' tag on it.
  3. Hey did No Roads Left, Across The Line and Rolling In The Deep get released only on iTunes? If you get it please let me know, I got tired of looking for those and that Hybrid Party Of A Thousand Things with no success. Which one?
  4. Mark vocals fits it perfectly, I hope we can get that version in the same quality as the Forgotten Demos one day... Also gotta say I think Mike sounds better on the Chester version though.
  5. Pictureboard with Mark but with better quality/better rip this time. Moar Xero tracks like this and Rhinestone 1998 recorded in a good studio. Other Xero tracks with Chester. Stick N Move ♥
  6. Did you record Stick N Move with Chester as well?
  7. Okay great, so theres still hope some Xero demos could have the cd sampler quality... Gimme that Stick N Move with Chesta!
  8. Careful, only Grey Daze stuff is allowed to be called cash grab I think. 👀
  9. Just listened part of their recent interview and Im honestly affraid that it will be the tape version lmao.
  10. I remember that discussion from the Orkut days hah... They sound a little bit similar, this band was cool, sad how they ended. LMAO Chorão talking out of his ass. The "estádio" part might not be literally though, at least I dont remember we using any word for Exhibition Hall other than that or "arena".
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