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  1. Im trying it out... The program is asking me the SID for the files (no idea what this is).
  2. I remember Joe also played at some club some time ago. Is there any recording of his solo sets yet?
  3. Thanks a bunch! Just found them.
  4. Never really liked Grey Daze, but now after listening the new versions and coming back to the originals Im kinda enjoying it. By the way where can I download all the stuff linked here?
  5. Oh cool! Didnt know TIDAL also had a store to download stuff, nice, thank you very much.
  6. Thanks a lot for the help man. Got it.
  7. Yo martinez where do you buy songs in Apple Lossless format?
  8. How much of these has Chester vocals on it? I remember listening Kick The Bass with his voice.
  9. What I find funny is that these songs were bashed not long ago for being just "angry kids stuff" but nowadays when people read the lyrics is all like "oh damn wait a moment..."
  10. I second that. Really wanna listen a track with these two again.
  11. REZZ, a Canadian producer/DJ, made a version live of One Step Closer with the riff(?) changed and a slightly faster acapella as an intro for her song with Raito called Alien. https://youtu.be/mkn1ytEgTxM?t=25m50s
  12. Hot damn! Live 8 had a lot of people!
  13. Full pro-shot of their performance at Chimera Music Festival http://lplive.net/shows/db/2004/20040911 Does it still remain as their biggest concert?
  14. But did he give you any info before going offline?
  15. A nice approach on the matter about there being previous tracks or not would be contacting mtumesalaam, who added the two cds on the Discogs' database and sold them to Almamu. Maybe the person can give us more context about the tracks or where he got these and if there are more to find or if Mike/Joe were really featured before. This person deserve some of the credit too you know, I mean if it wasn't for him/her maybe neither Derek nor Almamu would get a hand on these tracks. Just imagine if one of those collectors that "doesn't share anything and fuck the world" bought these instead haha
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