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2015.08.20 - Hasselt, Belgium - Pukkelpop


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Let's do it one last time, for the masses! It's time for the final major tour of The Hunting Party Touring Cycle! That's right, over the next two weeks Linkin Park will be jamming throughout Europe, visiting some hotspots as well as some new regions as well. The first stop of the tour? The band will be performing at the Pukkelpop festival in Hasselt, Belgium on Thursday, August 20, 2015.


Let's start with a lesson on Linkin Park's Belgian history. This will be Linkin Park's third performance in the country, which has seen dates few and far apart. The band's first show in the country was in 2001, on the Deftones' 'Back To School' Tour. That show took place during Linkin Park's first full tour in Europe, where they performed some Hybrid Theory classics like 'By Myself', 'Pushing Me Away', and 'Forgotten'. During 'Papercut', Mike briefly stopped rapping during the first verse of 'Papercut', causing him to miss a line of his verse. The band didn't return to Belgium for entire decade, before finally performed at the Rock Werchter festival in 2011. This show gave Belgian fans their first tastes of songs from Meteora, Minutes To Midnight, and their latest release (at that point), A Thousand Suns. New songs from that era like 'When They Come For Me' and 'The Catalyst' were highlights of the show, as well as the killer opener of 'The Requiem', 'The Radiance', and 'Papercut'. The band's history can only get stronger from here!


Pukkelpop also holds a special place in many Linkin Park fans' hearts, for a reason some may not expect. Jump back to a decade ago, August 2005. Head over to the Dance Hall Stage, located under a tent. Fort Minor, making their concert debut. Performing an eight-song setlist containing songs from The Rising Tied (which was released later that year) and the We Major Mixtape, as well as two Linkin Park songs and a few Styles Of Beyond covers. 10 years later, Fort Minor is back and ready to go full force. Mike's new song, 'Welcome' is all the hype, and fans are loving it live. While FM isn't performing at Pukkelpop this year, Mike will be performing solo under the name at three dates along the tour: Copenhagen, Berlin, and at Rock im Sektor. Crazy how things work out, huh?


Back to Linkin Park, there's quite a few things that we can expect from this show. We have no ideas about what the band will be playing this tour, but there are a few clues that can help us narrow it down. The band has been rehearsing for a little over a week now, meaning they've had more than enough time to work out a new setlist, or even a new song. Flashback to the band's Chinese Tour last month, where the band performed the same setlist they did at the 2015 Summer Shows headlining dates in Mexico without ANY rehearsal. Why would the band rehearse to play the same setlist they did last month, that required no rehearsals? On the other hand, does the band have any reason to make a new setlist for a relatively short run of 10 shows? Only time will tell... however, based on the band's history lately, it seems that if the band DOES rehearse for as long as they have this tour, at least something should come from it.


While the setlist may be changing this tour, can we expect any new songs? Linkin Park hasn't been exactly on point when it has come to doing that lately, taking a majority of their rehearsal time to practice new songs (when rehearsing 'Castle Of Glass' in 2012, it took them 2 weeks to get it down!). A few songs still remain unseen live from The Hunting Party: 'Keys To The Kingdom', 'War', 'Mark The Graves', and 'Drawbar'... three to five days to try out a new song shouldn't be too hard. The band even said that before they started their first tour of the cycle, they even practiced the entire album during their rehearsals! 'War' is rumored to have been rehearsed for The Hunting Party Winter North American Tour earlier this year, but didn't appear in the setlists. In a recent LPU Chat, Mike said not to cross our fingers for any live debuts on this tour, though... He did say he'd like to play 'Keys To The Kingdom' and 'Mark The Graves' at some point, though, but this is likely their last chance, since it's highly unlikely the band would go back to rehearse older songs from a past album on the next album cycle. What are your thoughts? Will we see some different songs played on this tour?


If all goes right, it seems that this show will be livestreamed! Pukkelpop has confirmed that they will livestream the event, but that Linkin Park being streamed depends entirely on their management. They've been very lenient with livestreams this cycle, from Rock am Ring 2014 to Rock On The Range 2015, so it seems like we won't have to worry about it! This will be the third tour in a row to have a livestream - Rock in Rio USA, Rock On The Range, and Beijing were the last few! Check below for all the details on the stream.





Let's not forget the other bands performing a this festival! Joining Linkin Park on the mainstage will be The Last Internationale, Echosmith, Seasick Steve, Jurassic 5, Sigma, Dropkick Murphys, Limp Bizkit, and Rudimental. Linkin Park performs after Limp Bizkit, but before Rudimental, the latter of which will close the main stage. Don't fret - Linkin Park will still be getting their full headlining time slot of an hour and 45 minutes. If you're planning on sticking around for the webcast leading up to the event, be sure to check out some of these bands!

Who's heading to the show? After Pukkelpop, the band heads to Austria for the FM4 Frequency festival, then to Germany for Rock 'N' Heim. If you want to meet up with some LPL Friends, make sure to RSVP in each show's respective thread! If you're not going to any of the shows, take part in the community! Our friends at LPCatalog have started an AWESOME project, creating an interactive website where you can submit your 'Welcome' vinyl jackets to help complete the mural! Take this survey by the LPU to give them feedback as to what you would like to see on the upcoming LPU XV. Attention all musicians - submit your music for inclusion on Music For Relief's Download To Donate, which will be judged by a multitude of artists, including Mike himself. Past compilations have included Linkin Park tracks made specifically for the albums: 'Not Alone' and 'Issho Ni'. Maybe we'll see another new Linkin Park song!


For updates on Linkin Park news, be sure to keep up with us on social media! For the latest LP news, like our Facebook page! For awesome pictures of the band, new and old, follow our Instagram page. And lastly, for immediate updates on all news and for the show, check back on the site or follow us on Twitter!


Check out the rest of Linkin Park's 2015 touring schedule here.

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He may very well be rehearsing for Fort Minor there.

Rob appears to be doing shit in the background, though.


What the hell is he playing? Is it Devil's Drop, if it is Fort Minor? The only thing that I can maybe see up there is the chorus of Wastelands, maybe a solo for KTTK, or Page's parts that were in the making of for AFN. Probably none of those.

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Rob appears to be doing shit in the background, though.


What the hell is he playing? Is it Devil's Drop, if it is Fort Minor? The only thing that I can maybe see up there is the chorus of Wastelands, maybe a solo for KTTK, or Page's parts that were in the making of for AFN. Probably none of those.

Does Mike usually play the really high part of Wastelands? That's the most likely option. ASTAT! WE NEED YOU!

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Hey guys,


I'm going tomorrow. Weather forecast seems pretty good for tomorrow. No longer part of the LPU so no M&G but I'm gonna try to get as close as possible. Will try to tweet the setlist if I can get any reception (or if there's no stream). https://twitter.com/jannevanrompaey


*edit: spelling


MAN!! Enjoy the show and tweet after it finished ;)

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