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New Linkin Park Song? "I'm Not The One"

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With only 120~ entries in the BMI song database, it's pretty easy to see when a new Linkin Park song gets added. This is how the LPU song titles have leaked before, even though the label on the past few albums realized this and had BMI hold the publishing of the titles until AFTER the LPU CDs came out.

Anyway, a new title just appeared in the database: "I'm Not The One"
The songwriter/composer is listed as Marcus Ernest Curry. We have no idea who that is, and researching the name and HIS song titles brings up this video on YouTube from September 2009.


Marcus Curry has his own list of BMI songs in the database here, which include:

Feels Like Rain
Give Up The Act
I'm Not The One (*)
I Said I'm Sorry
Never Give Up
What You Deserve
What You Deserve (Remix)
You're Blowing This Out Of Proportion

What could these be? Nothing at all?

"Vacant" and the "What You Deserve (Remix)" are the only songs that have a guest besides "I'm Not The One" with Linkin Park. The guest, Baby G Easley has 210 working titles in the database. It appears that he is this rapper from Inglewood, California.


Additionally, though admittedly less excitingly, an alternative title to "Burn It Down" was added to the database: "Burn This Down".

Your turn guys...what do we have on our hands here?

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This has to be a goof haha :lol:
There's no way LP would release the song in that video. I don't believe that they would go out of their way to hire some random guy and write them a song like that, especially when they've said multiple times before that they can "spit out" this particular genre of music.

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Yeah, this has to be something bizarre/unintended. BMI work numbers are sequential across all of the artists in the BMI database, based on the order in which they were filed with BMI. They currently have around 20 million songs in their database. The earliest entries in terms of LP-related songs are from Hybrid Theory. By Myself has a BMI number of 5,389,996 for example. In contrast, the most recent LP-related song on there is Darker Than Blood, which has a BMI number of 19,751,877. All of Curry's song entries have numbers that are still in the 7-digit range, rather than the 8-digit range, meaning they've been on file for quite a while already. This song's number is 9,734,762. To give an idea of when this song must have been filed with BMI, We Made It's BMI number is 9,721,085. So this song has been on file since sometime in 2008. It's obviously not a Linkin Park-related song, unless he sold it to LP and they're planning on covering it in the future (which I highly doubt).


BMI does make mistakes from time to time. "Halo" from LPUX is incorrectly listed as "Hal" on there, for instance.

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He does say in the video that the song is "Linkin Park inspired" and he lists them as guests to, I guess, "give respects where they are due", and some internal updating has been recently done in BMI adding this song to their repertoire. I expected him to do some gangster raps with how he was dressed, this was fun to hear, lol.

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am I the only one that doesn't know what BMI is?

One of three major royalty/licensing-collecting agencies for musicians in the United States. The other two are ASCAP and SESAC. Basically they're the people in charge of making sure musicians get paid when their music is used or played by a third party.

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