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Fort Minor: 2015.06.29 - Los Angeles, CA (One Man Show)

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The videos are insane! Bravo Mike!


Looking forward to Believe Me/WTCFM. From what we've heard of Believe Me so far, Mike's singing on that song has really fucking improved!

Mike' singing has really improved on every song;

take a look at WYG and High Road.

Really awesome's show; the only small complain I have to say is Devil's Drop which for me doesn't fit in a hip-hop setlist

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I'm shocked he changed the instrumentals for the songs so much....I was really looking forward to Kenji and of course it would be over Castle Of Dance, lol. Cool set. Devil's Drop is extremely random. I kind of thought he would have debuted some epic verse he's never played with FM, like Dedicated or I Have Not Begun or something. I'm shocked at no Enth E Nd but he kept Dolla.


One thing is for sure...Until It Breaks is 100x better over WFTE. Apaches is great.


I'd go see it. Seems like a cool show. He looks energetic as fuck on Cigarettes, Hands Held High, Remember The Name.


And wow he really gave away a lot of the set beforehand. In the interviews he specifically talked about how certain LP songs were FM ideas but made it into the actual LP discography. He mentioned: WFTE, WTCFM, HHH, UIB. Aaaand all 4 played. Spotify playlist had it's Goin' Down, Devil's Drop, etc on it.

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I thought Devil's Drop was great. It had the same effect that the Ballad Medley had when it first debuted in taking the energy down and giving everyone a breather. I love the set. Hopefully we get a pro shot of a 2015 FM show.

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From the LPU:

Hey LPU,
Join us in capturing Fort Minor's first live concert in almost 10 years. We need LPU members to document some of their day getting ready and excited for the show. To submit your clips, we will need the download links emailed to us at lpuhq@lpunderground.com. The download links must be valid for 30 days.
Examples of Video Clips Include:
- Video getting ready for the concert
- Video of miscellaneous Fort Minor items
- Video of listening to Fort Minor in the car on the way to the venue
- Video of you and your friends in line with tickets
- Video of yourself at moments during the concert
- Video with comments after the concert is over
- Please shoot everything HORIZONTAL in HD quality
- Use an iPhone 5 or 6 / GoPro
- Maximum 3 minutes
- Show and tell the world why this Fort Minor concert is special and why you are so excited to be there
- Include other Fort Minor fans
- Be energetic, sentimental, and most importantly HAVE FUN!
- Must be 18 years old or have parental consent
We will NOT be allowing individual video shooting with Fort Minor at the Meet & Greet. Please refrain from taking videos with your camera or smart phone. We will have an on site camera crew during the Meet & Greet for the video shoot.
Remember that by attending the event, you are automatically consenting to being filmed, photographed, recorded and taped in and around the premises of the event. Your presence constitutes a voluntary agreement and release, granting LPU and Linkin Park and its assigns the right to include your image, photograph, likeness and/or voice in such recording for use throughout the world in any and all media and by any method, now or hereafter known, in perpetuity. If you are not in voluntary agreement, you should not attend the event.
Thank you for your dedication to LPU! Have a great time and make sure to wear your Fort Minor or LPU gear!
Lorenzo & Lulu / LPU HQ
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Holy shit. WFTE/HHH absolutely explodes like shit. Love it.

Also it seems like no one noticed but the first verse of WYG was a mashup of UIB and WYG. Not really a remix in my opinion.


You're right.


Kenji was played in full. You can hear the interview parts of it in the video User and JZ linked above. RTN also has two choruses between the verses.





This is what we have right now. I need a full video of Castle Of Glass. It seems Mike did a remix of Castle of Dance M Shinoda Remix from Recharged. Then later on started Kenji over it.


Maybe it's best we list it as Castle Of Glass/Kenji.

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Show was badass. The reworked instrumentals had Mike (Thanks for giving my wife a pick!) and I guessing a bit on the setlist. The faster paced Cigarettes and Kenji we're pretty sweet. Mike was definitely into Kenji and the end screaming of Cigarettes was intense.


Show notes:

A guy kept yelling "Take off your shirt" so Mike gave him an FM shirt

Merch was being sold, vinyls were not, just a sign saying to to FM.com to order

Joe and Brad were spotted there

Mike gave the backstory to Devil's Drop acoustic loop (he told this story before somewhere)

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Kenji over the reworked COG remix was EPIC AS FUCK. GODDAMN. The remixed Cigarettes is also Mike at his 100%.


Soundcheck included WYG, High Road, RTN, Believe Me. Last 2 were shortened.


During the Meet & Greet, Mike said that there "might be more Fort Minor songs coming. Welcome was just like an opener and now it will be easier to release more songs."


Great news.


This might be bold but in a not so distant future I can see Mike putting LP on an "indefinite hiatus" of sorts to go full on into just producing for himself only. I think that this may be his actual plunge into full solo work right here.

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Haven't watched everything, but here are my thoughts:



Hot damn Mike was incredible there. He had a thousand times more energy in that show than he did in the past tour with LP. Doing the whole show by himself went really well for the first time. Synths, some guitar, rapping, and even some singing parts. He does a great job on it all (the singing could always be a bit more confident though). Nice variety in there.


Kenji is in an odd meter so that might be one reason why he modified COG experience so it would work better with it, or maybe it just looped enough times that everything lined at the end.


Really surprised to see him play Devil's Drop, I expected It Goes Through if anything was to be played from MALL. His story was nice too. The WFTE/HHH mashup sounds awesome. Cigarettes just gets better as it goes. The entire show was like his Solo Medley from start to finish.


Also, is that PRS (I think it's either a Vela or a Mira) a new one for touring? I have only seen Brad play something like that. Paging Astat.


Looks like Mike changed up the tempos of a few songs to work better with the mashups.


And here's a video of Dolla/WFTE/HHH. Really flows well, even with the rock and rap songs blending. Wonder if he's ever thought of starting a band that does that...

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