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The year in which you became a Linkin Park fan

Year year year  

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I was a little late to the game, I became a Linkin Park fan in 2003, right around the time that Somewhere I Belong was getting radio airplay and stuff. I then bought Meteora on it's release day at FYE and I've been a die-hard soldier ever since then.

I'd say we're probably the norm. Meteora was their hayday.

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I became in 2012, before then I did know only In The End. And I got into LP near the LT release, but I did know nothing about LT until 1,5-2 months later, I was a old LP fan at the time. I became hardcore LP fan and began liking LP in general (not only old) few months later.

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I went with 2003. I loved Hybrid Theory and listened to it a lot before that but I never invested any time finding out further information on the band until 2003 and Meteora when I because an LPU member and full on crazy LP fan!

Oh yeah, I forgot that. I also joined LPU during 3.0

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Liked LP since In The End came out and heard a lot of Reanimation and Meteora back when it came out. But I wasn't really a fan until 2007 after MTM came out and I saw videos of their RaR performance of that year.

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Was 10 in 2000, huge fan back then. Started reading LPA in 02 or 03, found LPL in 06, only started posting in 09.


Been LP from the start (almost)


Consider myself super hardcore :D

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