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The Hunting Party Preorder + Until It's Gone


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An entry for the song Until It's Gone has appeared on iHeartRadio with some single art! Does that mean another song's on it's way?


Check out the artwork here.


4/27 EDIT: A guy familiar with the iTunes releases says that The Hunting Party will go up for preorder on iTunes soon.


4/28 EDIT: The album is now available to preorder in the German, Austrian and Swiss iTunes stores!

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Dont think so i think GATS was ment to be the most radio friendly off album

According to the song descriptions we had, Until It's Gone is more of a mid-tempo track with softer vocals from Chester. Sounds more calibrated for radios than GATS was :) Edited by Qwerty18
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Fuuuuuuck! I can't listen to it because this IfuckingHeartidioticradio do not let me log in I tried to do that with all 3 ways, but it doesn't work. It says "Bad Request". Is there any other way to listen to the song?

It's not out yet bud. It's just up on the database in the website.
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The artwork for ITG looks great. Really solid art this time around. I can't wait to hear this track. I know a lot of LP fans are criticizing it for being the most likely ''mainstream'' and radio friendly track on the album, but I loved MTM and stuff like BID, which all falls into that category. I think I will enjoy this song a lot. I hope LP is doing a cool pre-order on their website tomorrow, too, not just iTunes. No point in pre-ordering on iTunes unless they give away a b-side or something like that with it.

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