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  1. I hope so, this seems like a wild concert they had !
  2. Thanks for sharing the download !
  3. They must be working hard on this next album to get it out by a certain date and tours. Its too bad for those countries not being able to see Chester. I went to a STP show and just wasn't the same, so to be honest not missing much.
  4. Sweet ! Thanks for that update, looking forward to that song.
  5. I know right, what the heck. But! Tech N9ne is releasing another EP in October and he mentioned their is some rock artists on that because he wanted to do a rock ep album.
  6. Yes! I want to hear the Tech N9ne song they supposedly did. It will be amazing.
  7. Ill be going to the Sept 26 show and can't wait. I'm not really familiar with STP but having Chester in the band will keep me interested. The venue there playing at only holds about 1500 people which is awesome.
  8. Am I the only one who doesn't like it? STP sounds good when you had a few beers in you or maybe a live show. Chester making commitment to them just feels like time taking away from Linkin Park. I'm thinking the LP album will have a delay in 2014. But hope Chester does great with it, like he said its all about fun. Also I think Scott is doing shows in Casinos? Plus had a solo tour.
  9. I was hoping for LP,but I'll take everyone's word on Maroon 5. I doubt 'I' know anyone that will go to that show ugh.
  10. Aren't dvd's getting old by now? I think it should be on Blu Ray
  11. Only on Xbox which is lame. Then it will take longer.
  12. What I predict is, LP will make more music but with less touring. As years go on they will do less shows, I'd say about 10 years of excessive shows if that then cool it. Nobody actually knows, this topic is kind of deciding their fate in music and anything can happen.
  13. Yay congrats to the new record!! If I'm not mistaken did Living Things sell more than the last two albums in its debut?
  14. To me its just a vibe(brad singing) that doesn't belong in LP. I'm thinking it was a good idea in their knowledge to put brad on this track to really change it up, but it doesn't belong and out of place. Mike or Chester have the vocal chords to fit this part superior to Brad's. (I prefer Chester)
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