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Found 4 results

  1. Back in March 2005 Linkin Park invited Mike Baczor from D-Nax into their studio to record a song, and after three days of being in a New York City Studio, the song "Can't Hold Me Down" was born. He remained friends and kept in touch with the both of them from 2007 onwards. 9 years later, in 2014, Linkin Park invited him to collaborate with them once again for "The Hunting Party". There, they created 3 to 4 songs at that time and Chester just needed to put his vocals on some of those songs and they had plenty more songs in the works, though, unfortunately, those plans never materialized because of Chester's death. A year and a month before Chester’s death, in May 2016, Chester and Mike collaborated and worked with Baczor on a song. Years later, we have an update on those songs from Mike Bazcor. "Can't Hold Me Down" has Mike Baczor and Mike Shinoda doing the instruments and production for the song and both of them, as well as Chester, put their vocals on the track. Mike Baczor did the first verse of the song, Mike Shinoda did the 2nd verse of the song and Chester did the choruses of the song. 9 years later, the first song that Mike Bazcor and Linkin Park collaborated on that originally was for 'The Hunting Party' was "The Game Is On", which has Mike Baczor and Mike Shinoda, again, doing the instruments and production for the song, as well as rap verses for the song and Chester sang the choruses for the song. Both Mike Baczor and Mike Shinoda each did half the verses on the track. He also mentions that the other three tracks that he did with them that had titles were "Why", "Truth Hurts", and "Unstoppable". There were also more tracks that they did around the time, but, unfortunately, they didn't have titles for them yet. Baczor and Shinoda worked on so much stuff, had so many ideas and had a total of about 6 songs almost fully done. 2 years later, in May 2016, Chester and Mike would again collaborate and work with Baczor on a song called “Love Me Or Hate Me”. For "Why", "Truth Hurts", "Unstoppable", and "Love Me Or Hate Me", they had everything recorded, but they weren't mixed, so they didn't know what parts of the vocals were going where on those songs. He is currently re-recording the songs all by himself. He still has 6 more songs left to complete. He will be creating a YT music channels soon with all info and constant updates. He will also do live sessions in the studio. He's planning to release the songs on his new upcoming album he's called "The Creation". He also says that there will be 12 or 13 songs on the album. The songs on the album, though, might just have his vocals, if he decides to redo them, though, he said that if him and Mike decide to finish the old versions, then they will release those versions too. He might re-record 3 of the songs on his new album, depending on how he feels they sound when they are mixed. He already has Mike's blessing to release the tracks. He doesn't have to get Talinda's blessing for the re-recorded versions, since it won't have Chester's vocals, because he's not using his vocals, nor the old versions, because they had separate contracts that were all already signed off on, and also him and Mike Shinoda own the tracks. He is planning to release a few singles once he completes the album. He also said that he'll probably release the old versions of tracks once his new album, with the re-recorded versions, is out. It just depends on what Mike Shinoda wants to do or feels like doing down the line. He’s currently working on 2 songs for his new album that he wrote last year. Based off this article (https://www.readingeagle.com/2005/12/15/rocking-on-the-brink-of-stardom/), it is mentioned that he played a minor role as a wide reciever in the movie "Invincible", which goes through the story of Vince Papale (played by Mark Whalberg). According to the article, Baczor had the chance to give Whalberg a D-NAX demo, which he would listen to while warming up. According to Mike Bazcor, when I asked him through Instagram, he said "Can't Hold Me Down" was one of the songs on the demo, and the demo he gave Whalberg he believes was just a bunch of songs he had finished at the time. He also said he doesn't' really remember what was on the demo.
  2. Was watching MGK's movie called "Good Mourning" when I noticed something about his choice of clothing throughout the film. Looks similar hmmmm
  3. Last year Big Chris Flores, a record producer and sound engineer who worked on Slash's 2010 debut album, gave us a snippet of an unreleased song Chester worked on for the album. Titled 'Crazy', the song was eventually reworked into 'Dr. Alibi' with Lemmy Kilmister on vocals because Warner Bros. Records didn't allow Chester to be on the album. A year later, we have an update on the song from Chris Flores: The version we all heard on WHYS Radio last year was a demo with programmed bass and drums done by Chris himself. He was in the studio with Matt Starr (of Ace Frehley) and Robert DeLeo (Chester's former bandmate from Stone Temple Pilots) to record live instruments for the song. Slash's guitar parts and Chester's vocals will remain the same in the final version. Chris says the live instruments for the song got finished being recorded. He is currently updating the mixing of the song. He says the song should be done in a couple weeks. There's no release date for the song yet, but they already have Slash's blessing to release it. Once the song is finished, it will be sent to Talinda for her approval. Chris wants to release it as soon as possible. Chris has plans to have @sunburst films edit the video footage that he has and prepare it for release. Release of the song, video, and whether or not the song will be on streaming platforms (iTunes/Apple Music, Spotify, SoundCloud, ect.) is up to Talinda. Meanwhile, listen to a sneak peek of the demo version below: Thanks to Big Chris Flores for this information!
  4. Does anybody have the mp3 version of the song "Cross Off - Album Version (Clean)"? It's not online. I'm just wondering if anyone has it.
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