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02.06.2012 - Köln, Germany - TV total Autoball EM 2012

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The fifth show of the Summer European Tour is a TV appearance for the band, who takes a break from the festivals they've been playing and heads to Köln, Germany for TV total Autoball EM 2012. This event occurs at LANXESS arena in Köln. The event website says a band from Florida called Oceana will also be playing at the show.


The band first played in Köln in March of 2001 (show page here) on the Deftones' European Tour, LP's third show ever in Germany. They returned to headline the same venue, the Palladium, in September (show page here). Chester performed 'Karma Killer' with Cyclefly and 'Control' with Puddle Of Mudd at that show, which was moved from E-Werk to the Palladium due to high demand. An interesting note is that the Lostprophets opened that show as well.


It would be a long time before LP returned to the city, however. In 2007, Linkin Park actually played a TV show in Köln for ProSieben (show page here) right after the first show of 2007 in Berlin. This was the first TV performance for 'What I've Done'.



A headlining show in Köln at Kölnarena was then included on the 2008 Winter European Tour (show page here) and it actually had the debut of 'In Between' at that show included in a new setlist. And finally, in 2010 LP played the same venue they're playing on June 2nd, LANXESS arena, in a headlining show in Köln (show page here). At that show, Mike got the band to change the setlist up and swapped 'Papercut' and 'The Messenger' for 'Lying From You' and 'Leave Out All The Rest' after seeing complaints here on LPLive about LP not changing up the setlists in Europe. Nice job Shinoda! That's also the show where we got a picture of Mike holding up the LPLive shirt!


So this makes it the sixth show in Köln for Linkin Park and their second TV appearance there. We are expecting this to be a one song performance of 'BURN IT DOWN' since it's the first TV show they are playing in Europe for LIVING THINGS. Is anyone going to the show?


On the 3rd, LP returns to the big shows on the tour and plays Rock im Park in Nürnberg at Volkspark Dutzendteich. After a day off, they play the Admiralspalast in Berlin on the 5th which will be filmed for US theaters to see on June 25th. For the full 2012 tour schedule, click here.




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linkin park just performed. pretty solid performance, no mistakes except chester's voice almost cracking up at the end. nice lightshow + fireshow. fire blasting in the the crowd lol and fireworks-like fire falling down at the end. the crowd cheering for an encore at the end. no warner interference.

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There were no(t enough) mics for the drumset installed. The setup was not able to catch the cymbals and stuff, so I think at least some part of the drums were playback. That's not unusual for LP to support beats through samples, but there were REAL cymbal sounds that acutally should be delivered by the real set. Unless they didn't use "underheads" (mics are put under the cymbals instead of above - common technique to catch ride cymbals or splashes) the playback muste be more supportive than usual.


But it's all live though. Rob played the drums the right way. Maybe the pyro was to expensive to spend some more money for drum mics ;)

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