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  1. Good jesus....all these mobils in the air, no wonder that the atmosphere is dying.... but there was a guy with a camcorder^^ anyone knows him/her?
  2. How will you know that the whole crowd was lame? you cant see much on sckofenlg videos I can fully understand the crowd who was in the back or smtg cause they werent able to see anything, no video walls, sound was not loud etc etc. I would leave the show too then edit: Nevermind, forget what i said lol, crowd was really lame xD but my statement about the video walls is true i think....i would be pissed
  3. Listen ppl 1. All of you know that LP is a band who like to watch their show before they give the OK to air it (it was the same at RaR 2007) 2. I spoke to ppl who went to RaR and everyone told me that the sound mix was horrible, the video screens just showed some animated videos and not the stage/band 3. Just relax and wait for tomorrow, maybe we´ll get any info. On June 9 and June 10 EinsPlus will air 3 Hours Rock am Ring XXL Special, maybe they will show us smtg th
  4. Show is over, seems like it was FTI wich was the special song. But thats cool
  5. Old school stuff still better then the new crap Beginning of 2000´s rocks so much xD
  6. Nice guys My name is over the e from LP Live next to BlackChesters name hehe
  7. I dont know why they still keep APFMH in BIO...it just dosent fit :S
  8. Its pretty cool that they change the set now Maybe we realy get the luck to hear By myself, With You or Runaway
  9. This kinda piss me off now lol. LFY is one of my fav song from Meteora xD damm But im sure the cologne people will be pissed now they didnt get Papercut xD Like i said befor, they cant make all LP fans happy but its cool too see they change some songs
  10. First Here is the full audio of Dortmund (http://www.sendspace.com/file/rav0dg) Maybe someone can post that Audio rip on the main page? Cheers And 2 more videos Waiting For The End When They Come For Me
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