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  1. Hell yes, of course I will wait. I did the same when Burn it Down leaked (in awful quality), and will do the same on Living Things, no matter what quality the leak is. What I might do, is listen to the leak after the official release if the leak has something special (like the bad quality of the Burn it Down leak )
  2. The crowd was literally dead at this show: Lies Greed Misery
  3. They changed the time: It will be from 2.00 am to 2.30 am. http://www.swr3.de/musik/rock-am-ring-2012...a2s9/index.html
  4. I'm watching this on TV since 6pm and the only poll they talked about there, was if they should broadcast the Guano Apes or Gossip live. (You can still see the poll at the bottom of the page here). The most people voted for the Guano Apes, so they broadcasted that one live. However they will still broadcast Gossip later they said.
  5. Maybe they will show Bleed it Out or In the End as they did with Pinkpop.
  6. You're right Wonder what songs will be broadcasted...
  7. In 2004, Don't Stay (1st song in the setlist) to OSC (last song in the setlist) was broadcasted. Maybe it happens with APFMH to OSC this year (if following this logic, of course)? I really hope the whole show will be broadcasted
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