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  1. Man this is great! I love it even more than The Rising Tied, and I really like that album. Favorites so far (really addicted to those): 1. Over Again 2. Ghosts 3. Can't Hear You Now 4. Make it up as I Go 5. Lift Off (too bad MGK is in this one, Mike and Chino are killing it) 6. Nothing Makes Sense Anymore Watching as I Fall, Place to Start & Crossing a Line are pretty nice as well; the other ones probably still need to grow on me (I had just one listen to the new songs). About You is the only one I don't like atm.
  2. I really love the performance of One More Light on this album. For me, Chester's multiple voice cracks in the bridge are the highlight of this album. Maybe a little strange, but it sounds so passionate, emotional and real because of the cracks.
  3. It is disrespectful and immature to let people pay for a setlist like this.
  4. It's not that hard to see. Maybe I fail to explain it, in that case I'm sorry. To make it simple: Compare the movement on stage to the movement 10 years ago. Compare the movement in the crowd to the movement ten years ago. Same as energy, performance, etc. At this point, somebody is standing on stage with sunglasses and a mic stand, singing pop songs. Yes I know about chesters back,but still. Ten years ago, there was someone standing on stage, giving everything he had, every night. Now we have a guitarist who rather plays samples and keyboards and a rapper that rather sings like every mainstream pop singer. It is a shame.
  5. What I don't get is why you always have to react so arrogant against other people using this forum. It's just another opinion, but somehow you always seek confrontation with the way you formulate your words. It's feels like you overcompensate and act like a true Internet hero. It's a pity and unnecessary. With that said: I don't care too much about which older songs are played. It's just that a Linkin Park show is not a Linkin Park show anymore. Even if they would drop all HT and Meteora songs, they could still come up with a Linkin Park show. Now we are just standing there, listening to 25 minutes of piano music and some pop songs. It's just not Linkin Park anymore... If chester can't perform their songs anymore, he should just stop. Or Linkin Park should change its name. They are spitting on their own legacy. Don't get me wrong, I even like some songs of the new record and I feel like I am one of they only ones here that likes Castle of Dance and the Mr Hahn medley. But at this point, burn it down, numb and new divide are part of the wilder songs in the setlist... What the hell is that? Why don't they just drop off an all seater concert. That's my point.
  6. From the inside on RAR 2004, Papercut at Docklands 2001... That's passion. My problem is that they are filtering all the songs that get the crowd going. And once they decide to play some older stuff, they choose to rehearse My December or they switch a heavy song like Crawling for a piano version. How many piano songs do we get in one evening? Of course, lp plays their songs with passion. But don't tell me that this setlist gets the crowd going like it used to. Only because of their setlist choices. Great that they are talking more, but that probably takes more energy than singing a simple song like Battle Symphony.
  7. Yeah, why not? Let's just play soft stuff from the only period that makes their live show worth it. Even crawling has turned into some slow piano nonsense. What next? Faint orchestral instrumental? Bleed it out funky beach remix? No more passion in their live shows. Sad.
  8. Lol, this is awful. Talking to Myself, One More Light and maybe Good Goodbye are the only three songs that don't make me feel ashamed to be a LP-fan. *Puts on Hybrid Theory*
  9. Don't want to hate, but most of the songs sound way better then what we've heard from the upcoming record (excluding TTM and okay, maybe the title track).
  10. Just giving it a little bump... No one can help me out?
  11. Okay, so everything went wrong for me... I heard that LP will be playing in Amsterdam, my hometown, so I thought let me go to a headline show instead. Turns out I really can't go since I have to be in Asia for my work on the 20th. So I thought "No problem, let's go to Rock Werchter instead!". And now everything is sold out... Really sad. So, if anyone has two or more tickets left for the Saturday of Rock Werchter, please please please just contact me! Really hoping anyone can help me out...
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