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  1. Rob is still trying to dial in from his table telephone. ☎️
  2. well he said he's not doing it for the money and he lost a bunch of money in the process.
  3. well he said he will only release new material if enough people are buying the first, so I guess he got his money.
  4. This was so cool with a lot of insights! Thanks for doing this. Can't we get Mike to do an interview with you guys to clarify the unanswered questions?
  5. @Astat the fucking madman already guessed that the Be/In Yourself song could've been Pictureboard. You're an absolute legend in the LP community.
  6. Ugh I’m glad I’m barely following anything on lplive since the community is so toxic. anyways I don’t think there’s a need to judge anything of this so seriously since it’s just a fun and spontaneous project during corona time and open door is also a song about collaboration and creating memories with fans in my opinion. Sometimes you can just let people have their fun.
  7. Wasn't it that the label didn't really support her anymore? And she felt betrayed by them and somehow by Brad?
  8. They probably let Korn butcher this song out of respect (and marketing for their name).
  9. Baiting the fans with a second release with unreleased chester material only if the first one does well is such a cash grab. They could've just put everything in the first album. Imo this GD project/release should be a one-time project.
  10. Message from Mike via Adam: https://twitter.com/heydudeimadam/status/888588276474421248 Says a lot if he's not saying it by himself on social media. Thoughts and prayers to the band and his family.
  11. where can I get the DSPs now if I bought them? downloads.linkinpark.com doesn't seem to exist anymore.
  12. this sounds so damn poppy but kiiara sounds so good. i'm pretty excited for the song now
  13. Dat bitch Chester didn't let rob perform the drum solo. Rob already started but mike stopped him
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