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  1. wow when was this created? LP must have the biggest and most accurate (fan) database of all bands.
  2. but from a charting and singles standpoint MTM was the biggest success. I also think that in the MTM era it was much harder for a rock band to achieve that kind of commercial success. Pre-MTM, rock was still hip.
  3. it's so cool to see some j-rock bands that i listen to talk about LP. they all seem like superfans watching docs and follow their band lives
  4. Amazing! Now on to an interview with someone from LP! You're a great host Astat!
  5. I don't think this has any intention to widen his audience. I think he just thinks it's funny and he's just doing it without thinking about it much further. I also don't think he's doing this for the money. There are much better ways to do a cashgrab.
  6. Very fun and uplifting vibes! He’s also trying to support his music people who can’t work on tour right now with the donations which is great.
  7. I'm really wondering if and why LP were ever close to breaking up due to personal issues with Chester. Jeff mentioned that they had issues but all of them had the big picture in mind and could overcome them.
  8. Ok I’m glad I’m wrong here. That’s just how I felt but I didn’t really follow his stream. Just once in a while and it seemed to me like that even though I really like the song.
  9. I feel like he's completely lost at the moment when it comes to music. Even this song would've probably never surfaced if it wasn't for some random guy in his team who really liked it. Mike lately seems to just make a lot of things but really has no direction or drive. That's also why he started streaming because he completely lost his routine and needed a schedule. I can imagine that he's really unfulfilled with most of his art off stream.
  10. haha that's funny because I absolutely dislike Invisible so much that I wished they would've just removed it from the album.
  11. i really like the song. I can imagine my younger self being uplifted while hearing this after a rough day. My younger self wouldn't have put it into a generic pop tunes category but I do understand if older people do and find it generic.
  12. whut, in my remains is one of my favorite songs and I think it sounds amazing.
  13. I know iann diors name and I like the snippet!
  14. Primarily because I see it as a unique collectible and a very unique art form. I would also be the only holder of his name which is weird and still pretty cool in my eyes. I also see the appeal of an investment of it in 50 years when he’s dead because it is an NFT of just his name, so simple yet so powerful because it’s his identity. But that’s really second. When I though of buying it, I didn’t think of reselling it. I’d just want to see it on my digital stash. It would be even cooler if all LP released their name as an NFT and you could collect them and I'd imagine that would skyrocket
  15. I actually knew the NFT would only be 30 secs long and I’m also interested in the Mike Shinoda text file NFT. but I’m a heavy tech person and have been in this blockchain space for years. I disagree that Mike is doing it for the money. He never knew how much this all would be worth and I’m pretty sure he would’ve continued if it only sold for 5 bucks because he wants to test the space. He’s an artist and a nerd. I also think he is donating the 30k to the fund because he’s feeling that the first NFT isn’t worth 30k.