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  1. Baiting the fans with a second release with unreleased chester material only if the first one does well is such a cash grab. They could've just put everything in the first album. Imo this GD project/release should be a one-time project.
  2. Message from Mike via Adam: https://twitter.com/heydudeimadam/status/888588276474421248 Says a lot if he's not saying it by himself on social media. Thoughts and prayers to the band and his family.
  3. where can I get the DSPs now if I bought them? downloads.linkinpark.com doesn't seem to exist anymore.
  4. this sounds so damn poppy but kiiara sounds so good. i'm pretty excited for the song now
  5. Dat bitch Chester didn't let rob perform the drum solo. Rob already started but mike stopped him
  6. not exactly. listen closely with headphones on or turn the speakers loud. in the rock band 3 version, you can hear the 'removed joe sound' slightly, whereas it is completely removed on the itunes deluxe version. but i think it's not the same sound, because it still sounds a little different. rockband3: itunes deluxe: http://youtu.be/mdOO9HrfekM?t=55s why don't they play this live if they changed it?
  7. yes awful, it doesnt even blend nicely into the other sounds. i always loved the old sound. who made all these shit changes?
  8. i think it's just because mike's voice is shivering while singing and in the combination with chester it sounds weird.
  9. really? i thought it sounded horrible. joe messed up the beginning, and mike didnt change the chords cleanly, had some little mistakes, and i'm not sure what to think of the mixed vocal performance
  10. maybe it's rather about that war is causing an endless circle of pain, and by fighting for your country or whatever, you can cause more pain blabla
  11. lame crowd and and someone threw a drink at pooch..
  12. what about the 8-bit revolution song versions?
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