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30.05.2012 - Skive, Denmark - Skive Festival

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The third show of the Summer European Tour for Linkin Park takes us to the Strandtangen v/Skive Lystbådehavn in Skive, Denmark, where the band will be playing at the Skive Festival on May 30th. LP has played at this festival once before - in 2008 (show page here). That was the first show of the 2008 Summer European Tour and featured a new setlist for the band - one that included 'Reading My Eyes' being played for the first time since 2006. It also had a few new intros (like 'Lying From You') and outros added to the songs. The festival also had a nice catwalk into the crowd for the band

Sadly no DSP of that show (or the entire Summer 2008 European Tour) was ever released!


Linkin Park first played in Denmark in 2001 at the Pumphuset in one of their first hand full of European headline shows. In 2003, they were supposed to return to the Forum in Copenhagen but as we know, the full European Tour ended up being canceled. So in 2007, they opened their Minutes To Midnight European Tour in Copenhagen (show page here), debuting 'Leave Out All The Rest' and 'The Little Things Give You Away' for the first time. That was the first show Phoenix ever sang at! After Skive in 2008, they played in Herning on the A Thousand Suns European Tour (show page here) in 2010. This show marks the second time in Skive for the band and their fifth show in Denmark.


In Lisboa a few days ago (show page here) we saw the debut of a new setlist entitled 'MAIN FESTIVAL SET' so we don't expect anything to change until at least the Berlin show on June 5th. That's actually a good thing considering this is one of the most popular setlists the band has done in quite some time! The Pinkpop setlist of course remained the same (show page here) other than Mike playing the "Album Transition Intro" to 'What I've Done'.


A few things worth mentioning about this set - 'A Place For My Head' has opened the last two shows (Lisboa and Pinkpop) and it's the first time that the song has OPENED a show since mid-2001. 'With You' was played for the first time in almost SIX years (the last time being Japan in 2006). If you watch the interview from the SIC Radical TV broadcast of Rock In Rio (which is available to download in our Video section in the forums), you'll hear Chester talk about how the band wanted to do a mix of "greatest hits and a few new songs, but play some older songs that people will be excited to hear." And excited is right - 'With You', 'Runaway', 'Points Of Authority', 'Papercut', 'From The Inside', 'Somewhere I Belong' and more have been getting really good receptions at the past two shows.


And don't forget the 'Sabotage' bridge during 'Bleed It Out', which has become a huge hit already with hardcore LP fans. Check this video from Pinkpop:



The questions for this preshow post are - are you excited the band has brought a setlist to Europe that has some older songs? Would you change anything about this set? Do you like the medley of 'Leave Out All The Rest', 'Shadow Of The Day', and 'Iridescent'? And the last question - what is your favorite song of this new setlist? Is 'LIES GREED MISERY' sounding like you thought it would live?


Who's headed to Skive to see the band? M&G, anyone? We can expect the setlist to stay the same, like I said, for the next few shows, so someone tweeting the set live won't be needed! As far as the schedule goes, Linkin Park will be playing after L.O.C. and The Offspring and playing before Morten Breum Live. Remember DSP's are available to buy here for the European Tour. The Lisboa show should be up shortly to buy.


The band is doing press today (the 29th) in Paris and London, so if you want to share some audio from that and discuss that, be sure to make a thread in the forums! After this show, the almighty ROCK AM RING fest is on June 1st. Who's excited? For the full 2012 tour schedule, click here.



01. A Place For My Head (w/ Long Intro & Ext. Outro)

02. Given Up (Ext. Outro w/ Extra Note)

03. Faint (Ext. Outro)

04. With You (w/ 2012 ext. intro; scratch ending)

05. Runaway

06. From The Inside

07. Somewhere I Belong (w/ 2012 ext. intro)

08. Numb


10. Points Of Authority

11. Waiting For The End (w/ Apaches Intro & Wall Of Noise Outro)

12. Breaking The Habit

13. LOATR/SOTD/Iridescent (Ballad Medley)

14. The Catalyst


16. What I've Done

17. Crawling

18. New Divide

19. In The End

20. Bleed It Out (w/ Beastie Boys' 'Sabotage' bridge)

21. Papercut

22. One Step Closer

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Never many posts on these preshow post on shows in Denmark, so I might as well drop one.


I will be going there with a few friends, before hitting the road to Admiralspalast in Berlin next week. I saw them in 2010 during the ATS World Tour, where they put on a great arena show in Herning, just after o2 World in Hamburg. I went to both shows, and they were both really awesome.


Hopefully the setlist stays the same, so we'll get a chance to see some of the older songs, which I'd love. Especially A Place For My Head played in full, along with With You and Runaway.


If you need anything, I can tweet you directly from the show. Just hit me up @Pioneer0 on Twitter :)



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I have a feeling the ste's staying mostly unchanged for a while at least


the term "MAIN FESTIVAL SET" makes me think this is how most of these festivals will go.


although their own headline shows with encore etc. will probably vary much more



EDIT: oh and -



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i was only using that picture to demonstrate the name of the set at the top of the page - "Main Festival Set", and my assumption that this title for one set means they may keep these song choices/order for most of the current festival tour

i don't have pictures of the setlist from Skive.


sorry, that post probably seemed really misleading...

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Any info about setlist ?

  • A Place for My Head
  • Given Up
  • Faint
  • With You
  • Forgotten (Assuming its being rotated with Runaway)
  • From the Inside
  • Somewhere I Belong
  • Numb
  • Lies Greed Misery
  • Points of Authority
  • Waiting for the End
  • Breaking the Habit
  • Leave Out All the Rest / Shadow Of The Day / Iridescent
  • The Catalyst
  • Burn It Down
  • What I've Done
  • Crawling
  • New Divide
  • In the End
  • Bleed It Out
  • Papercut
  • One Step Closer

Assuming this is the set, but who knows. I could be wrong.


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