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LPU11 CD tease


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This isn't really news, more of a tease I think




I posted it as I thought it was a clue with the date reading 10th of November, It reads October though, coudlt tell on looking at it through my phone.


Excited much staring at this CD ?

The disc says 10.31.2011, which is likely when the CD was mastered. The CD-R says "for mastering" on it.

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Seriously guys? LPU11 on 11.11.11 - fuck that, I'm playing Skyrim.


Seriously though, it does seem likely to be on the 11th due to the fact that this is LPU11.

That seems way to soon though, since Adam just showed the master CD.. how long does it usually take to get it sent off to be printed and made?
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