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'Iridescent' Music Video in 3D!


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Shiiiiit!!! I left without reading this!! Got to say awesome film and hearing iridescent piano riff throughout made it that much better. However no sign of the remix version in the film whatsoever haha only album version.


Scratch that didn't see it was only in selected places haha ;-)

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DAMN I saw this last night. Wish you told me earlier :P


Ill be seeing it again this weekend. I will stay behind now.


Edit: Damn, its onlt texas :( sucks.

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Can someone please explain why they remixed the song when they used the original throughout the movie?


Freaking awesome movie BTW. To all the doubters on song choice, it fit perfectly throughout.

The "remix" was strictly a single/radio/music video edit...plus it was probably made well after the movie was already finished.

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Movie is okay, solid story. The Effects are pretty awesome specially in 3D. It is something lol, that they played Iridescent many times but not the remix. I'm a fan of the Album Version, the cut of the was really useless. The Harmony in the bridge get lost, the remix really sucks.


Yeah no Irideschent in 3D at the end from the movie :( But that I have expected.

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Actually there are plenty different 3D options:


3D capable TVs and monitors are great for displaying 3D content, but they don't all work the same way. Often some configuration is needed on the 3D device as well. Consult your 3D TV or monitor manual to determine which option to choose.

Interleaved Rows, Columns or Checkerboard

Select 3D viewing mode: rows, columns, checkerboard


Select this mode if your 3D monitor supports it.


In this mode, some of the screen pixels display the left image, and the other pixels display the right image. Polarized 3D glasses are used to let each eye only see the pixels it's supposed to see. Interleaved pixels can be arranged in rows, columns or in a checkerboard pattern.

Side by side

Select this 3D viewing mode: half width, full width


Select this option if your 3D TV supports it. In this mode, some TVs can take as input two videos placed side by side and turn it into one 3D image. You may need to set up the TV to work with this mode. Consult your 3D TV manual for details.

HTML5 Stereo View (including NVIDIA 3D Vision)


HTML5 Stereo View allows standards compliant devices to watch 3D content. For more information on viewing 3D content using HTML5 Stereo view, please visit this help center article.



Also there's that shitty Anaglyph

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Hey guys,


This is an area I'm pretty well versed in so just thought I'd share my two cents, as well as give you some information you may not be aware of.


The original video was shot and presented in 2D. Those red/cyan effects seen in the original video are not there to provide a 3D picture. Besides the fact that it simply doesn't work, you will notice that those effects are only present on the sides of the picture. For it to have been a 3D video, those colours would be present throughout the entire picture and not limited to the sides only.


This new upload on the other hand, is presented in 3D. The best method to watch this video is to download the 'Side By Side' version and watch it on a 3DTV. You don't need to use the old-school red and blue glasses to see the 3D image, which only serves to discolour the picture and provide a far less effective 3D effect. Also, your glasses from the cinema won't work. Those are called 'passive 3D glasses' and require special screens in order to use them.


Understandably, not everyone will have access to a 3DTV. You can still view it in Side By Side format, but you'll need to watch the video cross-eyed... which is hardly ideal. YouTube of course lets you change the 3D format, but I believe the other methods require the coloured glasses to watch it :(



My thoughts after seeing the video in 3D? It was very clear throughout the video that it wasn't natively shot that way and instead converted in post. If you want proof, check out the credits at the end - the 3D work was done by Passmore Lab. As far as 2D to 3D conversions go, this one was pretty top notch. I'd love to see it without the heavy compression prevalent on the YouTube upload, but unless it is included on the Transformers: Dark Of The Moon 3D Blu-ray, I suspect it is something we will never see (unless of course, you see it at the cinema :D). Note: to prove my point about the above red/cyan effects being intentional and not for 3D purposes - they are still seen in the Side By Side 3D video.


Doing a little bit of digging on Passmore Labs, I found out that they have also converted the Waiting For The End video to 3D! Where the hell is this and why haven't we seen it?!


Check http://www.passmorelab.com/films/ and go to the Music Videos section ;P

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