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23.06.2011 - Moscow, Russia - Transformers 3 Premiere

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Linkin Park will be playing at the Red Square in Moscow, Russia on the 23rd for the premiere of Transformers: Dark Of The Moon. This is the band's first appearance in Russia in two years. In 2007, they played there for the first time, playing St. Petersburg (show page here) for the Tuborg Greenfest and Moscow (show page here) on their European Tour. In 2009, they returned to St. Petersburg (show page here) for the Greenfest again, so this will be the fourth LP performance in Russia and the second in Moscow.


In 2009, LP kicked off their summer touring by playing the Transformers 2 premiere in Los Angeles, CA (show page here). Six songs were played at that show, and 'New Divide' made it's live debut. Well, of course it did since it was the THEME SONG for the Transformers 2 movie! LP has contributed to all three Transformers movies - 'What I've Done' in the first one and the 'Iridescent' remix in the latest one, but they wrote 'New Divide' specifically for the Transformers 2 movie in early 2009.


My video for this post was going to be the 'New Divide' live premiere but we've all seen that so I replaced it with an interview Mike & Joe did with the TV station A One before their Moscow show in 2007. I just saw this for the first time today and I know it's overdubbed in Russian, but check out Joe's hilarious antics in the interview. BAA! BAA!



At the last show in Hamburg (show page here), LP hosted their fourth LPU Summit. This is the second "really special" show in a row for the band on what is shaping up to be a great tour for them.


Linkin Park will be performing a FULL show for this premiere (not six songs like last time) but it will be interesting to see if they do anything differently, like play the three Transformers songs together or something. What do you think? Or if they talk about the movie during the show, perhaps. Will we see set B13, set C7 or the set they were playing at festivals earlier on in this tour?


We've heard rumors about the show being webcasted online but we can't find any solid evidence or links, so if you know anything about it help us out! We do know the show will be recorded though and half an hour will be played on MTV's World Stage in July.


Is anyone from LPLive going to this show? The tour continues on the 25th in München, Germany for the last Projekt Revolution of the year. After that, LP plays in Italy again for the first time in a while so be sure to check back for more coverage of this tour. Get everything you need regarding the 2011 shows here. The DSP's are starting to get posted too - go grab those if you like collecting them!


EDIT: A picture of the Moscow setlist has been posted on LP's Instagram account...check it out here.



01. New Divide (Moscow Intro)

02. Papercut

03. Given Up

04. Faint

05. Empty Spaces

06. When They Come For Me

07. No More Sorrow

08. Jornada Del Muerto

09. Waiting For The End

10. Numb

11. The Radiance (Live Version)

12. Breaking The Habit

13. Crawling

14. Fallout

15. The Catalyst

16. In The End

17. Wisdom, Justice, & Love

18. Iridescent (Energy Up Version)

19. What I've Done

20. Bleed It Out


Pretty interesting setlist here! 'New Divide' returns to the opening spot and it looks like the remix version of 'Iridescent' will be played. What do you guys think? 'New Divide' has only opened two shows ever - the album release show in NYC (show page here) and the debut show for set B11 in Detroit this year (show page here).


EDIT: The 'New Divide' "Moscow Intro"!



This is the first time sine 2004 that the band has used pyro on stage! What do you all think?

'One Step Closer' was also dropped for an unknown reason.

The show page can be found here.

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That sucks if we won't be able to watch it online. I was looking forward to seeing it for a few weeks now. Going to be bummed if we can't watch it.

Same. I thought it was going to be webcasted.


Badass Papercut performance from Moscow in 2007 with Chester jumping from a speaker:


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I tried search something about that webcast but i just found it:


In celebration of Paramount Pictures' TRANSFORMERS: DARK OF THE MOON, MTV and VH1 will broadcast a special performance of Linkin Park's new single, "Iridescent," across its screens on Friday, June 24th. Performed at a special outdoor concert at Vasilyevsky Spusk of the Red Square in Moscow - with the Kremlin and St. Basil's Basilica as the backdrop, the performance will be featured on MTV, MTV2, mtvU, VH1 Classic and Palladia at 8:55pm ET/PT.


In addition, VH1 will feature the performance later that night at 11:30pm ET/PT.

Read more:







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Hmmm. Wonder if we're going to get the Transformers edit of the song played live for the first time? The fact that they haven't played this version on the current tour so far led me to think not, but the fact that that song is now going to be broadcast everywhere makes me think they might flip it to that version (if only for this performance).


Interesting to see. Can't wait (for that and the movie :D)!

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Two things interest me.


The Intro and the fact that ND is opening again is awesome!


Second Iridescent (Energy Up Version), It maybe time for the Remix to premier live!

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one step closer quite in the middle of the set is really interresting :)


new divide opening is great



The premiere event and our performance of "Iridescent" will be highlighted on MTV, MTV2, mtvU, VH1 Classic and Palladia at 8:55pm ET/PT tomorrow, on June 24. A 30-minute piece will air next week on June 30 in English speaking countries. Stay tuned for details and times.


source: LP Mailing list email

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Despite no Robot Boy, this setlist is going to be awesome. I am keen to hear the Moscow Intro.

There is hope.....there is 21 songs listed, normally they play 22. :P


Also, how did you get this?

There are actually 17 songs listed....IMO, WJL, Fallout, Empty Spaces, etc, are not songs. They are interludes that allow the band to catch their breath. I understand why they use them, but I wish LP would play a legit 20-22 song set, it seems like a logical way to include the songs that so many people want to hear, without dropping any of the singles that they feel they have to play.
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