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  1. fyi http://lplive.net/shows/20000920.php external realistic mic was used
  2. would rather see a full blown LP north america tour then stp anyday
  3. sorry missed this Dean taped several of the LP shows early on in LP's career. Dean was a heavy trader so it wasn't so much so that his shows are rare just nobody thought at the time that vhs would go to shit so fast. And when converting to dvd it takes a lot of variables to get it right and look good. You can have an O..K tape and make it look great with the right programs and time/effort. As far as I know there is a 1st gen upgrade to a few of his shows but having a master upgrade is usually (key word) the best as it is from the first tape and from the taper. Meaning the quality is pretty much as good as it can possibly get pending the condition of the tape and so forth. Again lots of factors. Around 2001-2002ish Dean just up and disappeared. Nobody has been able to get a hold of him or even find out what happened to him. Rumor had it for many years he was busted by the fbi for selling shows on ebay. Come to find out it was not the truth at all...see why rumors are bad kids . Dean just stopped cold turkey. He had life take over and had no intentions on sharing or trading anymore. Around May of last year I was on tour with a friends band and dean had taped these guys way way way back in the day. I had never asked about him cause well I'm not like that I don't use people to get to other people. it is rude . But I was talking about their early years and they brought up dean..a few questions later I found it, it was THAT dean. I was given an email address and I sent him an email that was cryptic as hell lol. Dean and I still joke about it to this day. I've never told anyone so here goes I sent him an email with the following... Hi Dean, You don't know who I am but I'm friends with (insert name here), He gave me your email address as I have some questions about you taping shows back in late 90s early 2000s. If you have some free time I"d like to chat with you about it. ---------- Dean wrote back like 10 minutes later with "Sure call me (insert number) in the morning tomorrow we will chat for sure" Personally I never thought it was going to amount to anything as asking people for their collection is pretty daring. Others who know how it is can attest to it..most ignore you or give you some smart ass comment never to hear back from them again etc and so forth. So it was nice that dean was actually cool and down to earth about it. And that is basically how it goes story time is over
  4. honestly they won't ruin it. it works kinda like this - Dean gave me all his vhs tapes minus his masters - Dean then gave me 20-30 masters - I transfer what he wants from that list - Dean gives me another 20-30 masters - I transfer what he wants from that list wash, rinse repeat. I understand why he is doing it as I can easily disappear once I get what I want (not that I would) but he doesn't know me from adam so it is a building working relationship. Thankfully dean is super super cool and it has been an absolute blast to work with him. So it isn't as much of a hassle just time consuming. I also have a full time corporate america job, and a full time fiancee (you know how these women are!). If I could have taken a picture the day she came home and saw 17 boxes filled with vhs tapes in the 2nd bedroom haha oh man. Anyways after talking with a certain helpful staff member I will be releasing everything but it will just take time. You are all welcome to send me well wishes and make sure I'm still breathing and functioning
  5. I'll ask remmy and no I Haven't looked at any LP really. I flipped through the mason jar show cause it happened to be on the same tape as another show dean wanted. I'll be honest here..I'm not exactly 100% thrilled to be sharing much of anything with the "LP Community" I had 2 users dick me over completely when it came to deans tapes. Leaving me high and dry with 0 communication, I won't name names but you can probably figure it out really quickly with a simple search of this thread. I can't promise I'll release deans masters but I might release the mason jar show and a few select others. You can thank your faithful members for that
  6. the arras isn't from dean, that was from the filmer Reminho dean is the 2000/2001 shows
  7. straight from the vhs tape
  8. When I'm done transferring shows I'll upload some
  9. I only have a select amount of shows
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