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LP DLC Pack For Rock Band


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They actually picked songs that have guitar in them unlike what Guitar Hero did. When I buy Rockband I'll be getting them.

Yeah but the guitar in them is so easy it's going to be ridiculous... :( C'mon at least give us No More Sorrow or Figure.09, something with even a little bit more difficulty. Oh well, the keyboard will be EXCELLENT for playing these songs! Sorta wish they picked The Catalyst over Waiting for the End.

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All you guys talking about multitracks are kidding yourselves - Every Rock Band game since Rock Band 2 has had different encryption techniques on the in-game audio, and people have either been unsuccessful in ripping multitracks from the more recent games, or have refused to share them out of fear that Harmonix will make them even harder to rip in the future if the multitracks end up on the Internet.


In short: More multitracks that we're most likely never going to get. You'd be spending your time a lot more wisely keeping your fingers crossed that the multitracks of the 6 ATS songs from Guitar Hero leak sometime in the future. At least we know that it's possible to rip those.

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i'm gonna get this. I like the song list. These will be really fun to play on Guitar and sing. I don't have RB3 so no piano for me. I'll be playing them on RB2

Sorry to disappoint you then, but all DLC released after RB3 came out is ONLY for RB3.

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Lame tracklisting. (not just because of Numb) They should have put Faint on there instead of SIB, Given Up instead of What I've Done, and maybe BITS instead of WFTE. IMO

Agreed 100%. Where's A Place for My Head? Papercut? Regardless I will be buying and most likely enjoying the pack (albeit on keys rather than guitar...)


IMO the track pack should look more like this:



In the End



No More Sorrow

In Pieces

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I got a bit feeling that these Multitracks will end up like the GH ones....unreleased.



lol :angry:


EDIT: On more serious terms, I'm actually surprised it's not the exact same pack that was on GH, especially the fact that it's not filled with ATS tracks.

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