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  1. Am I the only one wishing they'd incorporate something from Mmm... Cookies? jk jk I love the set list, but, like many others, wish they'd drop Shadow of the Day. It's one of my least favorite singles they've done. (To be followed by Leave Out All The Rest) To have Empty Spaces and When They Come For Me as an opening encore seems genius. It's got a very good vibe for an encore. I love Wretches and Kings and think it should have stayed. I really think they need to play a good variety of songs from each era. Preferably, a few that have RARELY been played... (Ex: Nobody's Listening, Hit the Floor, A.06, Figure.09, QWERTY, Easier to Run.)
  2. This here is my reaction to it not being on RB2 or 1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E29iOPSxF94
  3. The only way I see LP putting out new material in 2011 is 1. Through the LPU 2. If they have songs that didn't make it to A Thousand Suns 3. They record on the tour bus.
  4. The song I most relate to off of Out Of Ashes is "Let Down". It spoke to me on way further levels than most Linkin Park songs. As some of LP's material just pushes me down further into hating people. When "Let Down" helped me forgive. I've related with that song lyrically on so many levels. Whether it be lowered standards of the dating world, or just flat out being scared to care about another human being, "Let Down" was my voice. My reason as to why I wasn't at my best. This song would be in my head through all my meltdowns. It's been a whole year since this songs release and a whole year to heal emotionally.
  5. someone else I'm looking forward to on this album of his: Corey Taylor!!!
  6. I hope there's some new tracks for Mike to rap over Points of Authority 's intro.
  7. What is the possibility that this album artwork is another hidden message?
  8. Two tweets from Mike Shinoda (I think pertaining to this) saw description of 6 of our new songs online. it said "other 6 are hard rock." ha. nobody has heard anything but the first 6. #athousandsuns Who said there were 12, anyway? I didn't.
  9. CRAP! Were we supposed to have a download link posted??? I had a D/L on my YouTube video link I posted
  10. My entry http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d7fvXFyN6UI I'm 16. California resident. OH! And a little by the way... I was already doing this contest. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DWWeY9LfBJU I'll still be hosting my mixtape of The Catalyst for all to enter. So for people who want to be recognized 2x over. THERE YA GO!
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