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"A Place For My Head" Live


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It's too good not to share... and even though it's a day late, here's the great quality video of the song from the Paris show a few nights ago. A total surprise! Anyone excited for the DSP of this show?

EDIT: And here's Mike rapping verse 1 of 'A Place For My Head' over the bridge of 'Bleed It Out' in Dortmund. Thanks franticfreak!

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Awesome vid, but it will never be able to recreate the insane madness the crowd went into absolutely the craziest thing I have ever seen.


BTW I'm one lucky dude I've seen them three times and this was the second APFMH I have experienced in the last 3 years. :P

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Ah, this is what they Linkin Park sounds like without clicktrack.


I thought Chester sounded a little out of time during the "You tried to take the best of me.." part in the bridge. Apart from that, hurray!

Yes, way out of time. I believe the reason why Mike called it "unrehearsed" is really because they had no clicktrack to follow, like they always have, so he was a afraid they might mess up some places. They know that song to death, so it had nothing to do with the lyrics, chords, patterns etc. Only tightness. That's why Brad messed up slowing down in the intro too.


But really, I don't blame them, I know what it's like to play live. Chester couldn't hear Rob in the whisper section, so only when he looked at him, he could follow him. That's not his fault.


Brad where distracted by the crowds untight clapping, which always is a nice and appreciated response, though it's very annoying related to tightness.


Overall, it was still awesome.

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