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  1. THIS IS MADNESS. wait..no..MADNESS? THIS IS LP!! Damn this is just awsome news, LP i adore you for this. childhood dream will be coming true. I'm freakin' psyched and it's 7 months from now. gotta wait for at least most of the line-up is revealed but considering A7X and FOB is also booked in, it seems like i'll have to fly to england this june
  2. This setlist is amazing. I have no critisism except for maybe don't make APFMH a one time thing Your'e doing it right LP, in a truly awesome way.
  3. This setlist is insane, so happy to see the old HT tracks back in there (especially Runaway). They have so much energy...nothing from ATS could be compared to it. Hearing Runaway starting right after With you just threw me so hard to the past. So nostalgic. I really hope they keep these songs in rotation even when Living Things drops.
  4. thx for the 1080p torrent! but ppl plz seed...i'm on 94% and it's down to 1 seeder, download isn't moving
  5. Damn 400$...a couple more bids and someone's getting a ticket for the secret show
  6. +1 I had to pay 100$ for Tel Aviv ticket + 10$ for DSP. I'd love to pay 80$ including DSP lol.
  7. Another thing, about the "Covers" part. I came across this video in youtube a couple days ago: I don't if it counts as a cover and should be on the list, up for you to decide, still i have to say this video is beautiful. And Jay-Z is soooo annonying.
  8. Really liked this section and especially the "Linkin Park Live: List Of All Songs Played Live" page. Thanks for all the effort! Something i noticed: "Wish (Nine Inch Nails cover) First known performance: 6/3/2004 Last known performance: 9/11/2004 *Note: Played once, very briefly, by Mike and Chester, more as a joke than anything. No recordings exist, unfortunately. " Then what is this - ? I might be missing something here, maybe you ment something else..? thx again for all the hard work!
  9. Ticket + schedule for the Tel Aviv show, 15.11.2010 (Posted it also on the show theard):
  10. So i guess Tel Aviv is next...NICE
  11. Like i promised, Here is the staff schedule for the show, with my ticket (that doesn't look so good after being folded in my wallet for too long lol) next to it: I love the part of "Finally finally finally GO HOME". It shows that Tel Aviv was the last show on the first part of the tour and it really makes the schedule, which is usually something pretty standard i guess, special for me.
  12. Now that i have access to a proper computer with a proper internet connection, I just wanted to say that... THIS SHOW WAS FUCKING AMAZING!! I had so much fun at that night, they are just awsome and hearing them live was really a dream coming true. One of the best nights of my life. Have to say that "A place for my head" over BIO is sooooo fucking sick! It really is the pick of the concert IMO so it's very good to have it as a closer. Huge Thanks LP for coming to Israel and another huge thanks for this special gift in the form of "No woman no cry". Sorry we didn't know the words of the second verse lol. You guys rock! and please please come again, ASAP, and don't leave this night as a one time experience for us Oh, and: I talked to pooch after the show, told him thanks personally for a great night and also asked about the DSP - he said we should expect it in about 9 days...(that was on monday, the 15) Another thing: Someone here talked about the special flag that was made for the band by a fan + given to them by him at the M&G and it was hung up at front of the stage for everyone to see. So for everybody that was curious, This is what the flag looked liked (picture taken fron the offical LP forum in israel and was originally uploaded by the fan who made the flag) : Another thing 2: One of the staff gave me after the show the show day's schedule, The one which the band and moslty that staff uses. I saw you collect stuff like that here to put on the show page so i'll upload it next weekend when i'll have a proper computer again (i'd do it now but i must go to sleep, it's 4:30 am here and i need to wake up at 07:50 ) That's it, good night all, have a great week
  13. I'm going, on my way to the venue now I can't believe this actually happening! A dream comes true. Show starts 3:45 hours from now
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