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  1. Nope, the rumours are very ehm....rumoury? Dunno how to translate It's very likely they will come. But the fact that Jan Smeets said this on tv is not true. He hasn't been on tv in the last month, I read it on pinkpopcentral.com
  2. I'm gonna kick Giel's ass for this. Ah well, LP doesn't have to be a headliner. They deserve it tho.
  3. Pinkpop is always in examperiod....and the weather always sucks!
  4. I have searched all the Pinkpop/info/festival sites from Holland here and I can't find a thing. Not even something that said Jan Smeets (PP boss) was on tv saying something like this. But faaaack...I'm gonna die if they do Pinkpop again!!
  5. Can I get this source please....????
  6. Good chance they will do a Belgium and/or Holland festival. Better then going to Germany..._
  7. Same goes for me, but I've been told they would mail it in a couple of days
  8. It's better to pay 10$ then 10 €
  9. This gives me goosebumbs....incredibleawesomeepic!