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LP Touring 'til the end of 2011


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In a recent interview with Chester:



Interviewer: What about an italian show?

Chester: Don't worry, we will stay on the road until the end of 2011, and certainly in Italy - a place where we always had a wonderful stay. Sooner or later we'll come back, perhaps at a festival during the summer.


Read the whole translated interview HERE.

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Translate please this full interview from the Italian to English. ;)  

Even if i posted the most important excerpt, i will try!


another appearance in venice? would be great :)

We are also trying to convince promoters in Rome to bring them for the Rock In Rome festival, any place would be great :D

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Try please, I really want read full the interview.

That's the article my staff posted on linkinpark.it:


Rockol.it, an Italian website that keeps an eye on the international scene and good music, interviewed Chester Bennington, who right in the middle of the interview, referring to a question, rekindled the hope of all of us fans, discussing the almost certain probability of a date in Italy during the second half of the tour, in 2011.

Here are some of the highlights of the interview:


Referring to A Thousand Suns:

Yes, because we did not want to do the usual disc that you'd expect from Linkin Park, with the guitars well to the fore, vocals equally divided between rap songs and melody and electronics as an ornament. We wanted to follow new paths, without thinking about the radio. With 'A Thousand Suns' we managed to get the same aggressiveness of our previous albums by means of a completely different atmosphere, managing to keep the guitars in the background in order to leave more space synths and samplers. For us it was a challenge that we feel we have won.

The reviews on the new album are very 'biased'. Some people hated us at first but after hearing it they have become our fans while some of the original fans see it as a piece of crap. It does not bother us: we would have been really annoyed, actually, if people would have remained indifferent about our work. Which fortunately has not happened. Thank goodness, I would say, because we like the passion ...


And again, speaking of the production by Rick Rubin:

Let's say he was a great captain. The captain sits in the dashboard and - to get where he wants to get - gives orders to the crew. That's how Rick worked with us. He understood where we wanted to go, and he gave us the right orders to get there. He has been rarely present in the studio with us, but his contribution was crucial.


Chester, then switches from the theme "New Album" to the theme "Live in China" as last year they made a stop in Macau and Shanghai :

It 'was a fantastic experience, from all points of view ... "

Even the restrictions under which the Beijing government submits to the artists who perform under its jurisdiction?

Well, we have not given that too much importance. The important thing was to be there. Then, of course, the Minister of Culture gives you the directives. He asks you to not spit on the audience? You do not spit. It tells you to not say 'fuck' or take off your shirt? You do not say 'fuck' or take off your shirt. At the end of the day you achieve big changes in small steps. In Shanghai the entire audience was surrounded by an impressive police cordon: the agents, however, smiled at all during the concert, and enjoyed the show.


And here we get to the subject of a concert in Italy:

Do not worry: we will stay on the road until the end of 2011, and we will certainly go in Italy - a place where we always had a wonderful time. Sooner or later we will pass by there, perhaps at a festival during the summer.


He then points out, talking about the spreading of their music:

In America only, a download of our record out of 2 is illegal. And usually the TV does not play your game, with fleeting appearances on David Letterman Show. The rock radios? Fifteen years ago in America about 60 million people listened to them, now it's probably about 15. That's why the Web, video games, films and others have become essential today: If your goal is to make as many people as possible listen to your music, then you have to come to terms with it. Trying to give your best makes you immune from this risk. Take 'Sgt Peppers' by The Beatles: even if it came out today, nobody would say that is a dated record. It's the live shows that trap you in time. Think about the clichés of the 70's, the 'Mirrorball', or the sets the 80's. The live show forces you to continously look for new ideas, to measure the distance from the past, because every trinket, every scene, every stage set automatically imprisons you in a certain period. And we leave the trappings and settings to Beyonce.


To the question "Are Linkin Park going to become the rock stars of the new millennium?", Bennigton replies:

No, we do not have that demand... We do not try to be the 'new generation' of rock stars. We just want to do our best to contribute to the evolution of music, and if this should serve as a source of inspiration to other bands ... Well, so be it.


The sincerity and honesty of Chester once again revives the spirits, especially with the great hint for a probable Italian show: finally something palpable said by a member of the band.


Thanks to Riccardo for the translation!

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