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  1. My bad, that's exactly what I was trying to write. Too tired to write this properly after the show which was btw. great! Italians crowds are really passionate!
  2. Before playinf APMH Mike did mention to tweet LpLive (!) about this. They would confirm thath this song is hardly played by the band (??). Bead needed also apparently some help from his guitar tech to remember his part...
  3. To be clear: the pause before the encore was skipped, all song have been played!
  4. Same set but the encore was skipped, because the show started 15 minutes late! At the m&g they told us they came late due to traffic caused by the bad wheater!
  5. LP might be also headlining the new festival "Rock im JHQ” (working name) which will be probabily held the same weekend of "Rock'n'Heim" Festival and is promoted by the very same agency (MLK)...
  6. Crowd in section A was pretty cool imo, you can´t tell only seeing a few proshot videos... BTW sucks big time that the band wasn´t shown on the screens
  7. I´m also going to RaR, all the way from Switzerland. An opportunity which cannot be missed. Waited so long to finally get there. Also won a M&G which is great
  8. Remember you saying they would never play in Ukraine
  9. Last year 24'000 a day but it wasn't sold out, usually the sell 29'000 a day They will be playing at the main stage at about 9.30 (later on the evening they usually have electronic artist)
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