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South American Leg Recap


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Linkin Park finished off their final show of the short South American leg of the "A Thousand Suns" World Tour last night in Itú, Brazil. They managed to hit three big cities, two of which they've never visited before. Hopefully this short excursion to the continent left the band feeling good so that they will likely return again someday for an even bigger tour. So let's go show by show here for a quick recap.


07.10.2010 - Buenos Aires, Argentina - Estadio José Amalfitani

Show Page / Show Discussion / Setlist Discussion

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LP started in Buenos Aires, playing a brand new setlist to a packed crowd. "The Requiem" went into "Wretches & Kings" to open the set for the first time. "Papercut" was played for the first time since the second to last show of Projekt Revolution 2008. "Empty Spaces", "When They Come For Me", "Wisdom, Justice, And Love", and "The Messenger" were all debuted for the first time live. Highlights include Brad yelling in Spanish thru a megaphone on "When They Come For Me", "The Messenger" being played in a lower tone and with an extended outro with drums for the crowd to sing along to, and "The Radiance" having a nice "remix" to it in the middle of the setlist. "In The End" appeared in the encore again for the first time in a while, and "What I've Done" closed it out as it did in New York City. Chester walked around with a flag from Argentina during "Crawling".


There was a limit on how loud the sound could be at the show (an unusually strict limit), which you can read about here.


09.10.2010 - Santiago, Chile - Club Hípico; Maquinaria Festival

Show Page / Show Discussion


After two days off, the band played in the second city in a row that they've never played in before, this time for the Maquinaria Festival. The show featured the exact same setlist as Buenos Aires, except for one interesting note. Mike sang the chorus of "Burning In The Skies" during the bridge of "Bleed It Out".


After this show, I discovered that the intro to "Wretches And Kings" is scratched by Joe. Pooch (LP's live sound engineer) had this to say after I asked him about who starts the samples for what live, "Most of the speech stuff is Joe. He is actually "scratching" the video on the video screen. So when you see the picture on the video screen of the original speech, and Joe DJ scratches the audio in the speech - it scratches the video too. It is pretty cool. Hard to tell in these festivals, but once we get to Europe and have our stage it will be easier to understand.


But the answer is that Joe does all of them except "Wisdom, Justice, and Love.""


11.10.2010 - Itú, Sao Paulo, Brazil - Fazenda Maeda; Starts With You - Music and Arts Festival

Show Page / Show Discussion



Walking on stage in the freezing cold (Mike even had gloves on!), the band played their second show in Brazil. A huge 6 year gap was in between the first and second shows, which might be a record for LP live (maybe the Netherlands qualifies?). "Bleed It Out" was moved down from the main set to the encore to CLOSE the show for the first time in 2010. It closed many shows in 2007/2008, so this is not a big surprise to fans. Mike sang the "Burning In The Skies" chorus over the bridge again.


Another interesting note that I thought I'd put under this show is how Mike is playing "The Radiance" live. I really would like to call this a "Radiance Interlude" on the show page. He continues the piano from the end of "Numb" while the speech from "The Radiance" plays over the top of it, but afterward he sings part of "The Catalyst" through his vocoder. Another speech clip plays after that, making the total piece about two minutes long. Very nice! They have really added a lot to the live show this year!


So the next show for the band is October 20 in Berlin, Germany at O2 World. Stay tuned to LPLive...we'll be sure to keep you fully updated on the entire World Tour as the band travels across the globe over the next year. Thanks to everyone from South America who has provided us with info, media and reviews of the shows! Congratulations on getting LP to visit your continent; I hope these three shows were everything that you wanted.


Remember to send in your ticket stubs for the rest of the 2010 shows. Either reply with them in this thread or PM them. We're still looking for upgrades/better ones for a few of the South American shows too!


The 2010 tour dates for the "A Thousand Suns" World Tour can be found here.

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Very nice writeup, Mark. But there are two things I discovered.


1. in Argentina, Chester was walking around with the flag during "One Step Closer" and not during "Crawling".


2. Interview with pooch:


but once we get to Europe and have our stage

this sounds to me like that they are presenting the new stage design for the first time in Europe and that the one from South America wasn't the new one :o

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Sure, no problem.


Wow, this makes me really excited somehow.



I will tweet pictures from the stage directly from Berlin. I got a mobile-internet flatrate so this is no problem. Anyway, I'm not quite sure whether I will tweet the setlist as well, because I want to enjoy the show. But you can except it after the show for sure.

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When pooch said about the stage thing, I think it's more to do with setup. Like festivals have a heap of bands sharing the stage therefore moving gear around. On their own stage or their own tour they have control Over what they want and how they want it setup. They also have time to

Do this unlike festivals where you've only got a small period of time to get the stage ready


Just because I said that doesn't mean I'm ruling it out but it's just my two cents seeing families been heavy involved in tours and has seen differences between festivals and band tours.

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It looks like they saw the response that WID was getting as a closer. Thank god! Bleed it Out is a great closer but its a shame that Rob isn't doing the solo anymore.

i wouldnt be surprised. Lots of people complained about it after the NYC show, more were complaining about the lack of APFMH though lol
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nice recap. i guess the only thing that I missed there is that brad changed a bit his speech over WTCFM. I'll upload an audio about it when i'm back home. xP now i'm working at college.


Hopefully we will have soon a soundboard recording of the new things that we saw the past few days

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After so many years waiting for LP, they finally came to Chile, I saw them playing a kick ass setlist, and I met them all. It's unbelievable. My first experience in a LP concert became the best day of my life. I'm sure they will come back. I'm not sure if it'll happen during this ATS tour, but they deserve their own show and not be part of a festival.

From what I've read and seen, they loved Santiago, which is great :)

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