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  1. I just want them to take the necesary time to continue, 1 year or more, but also I want to keep listening songs that Mike will create thinking in High notes or screams. For that reason and for keep the most Single songs on tour, my choice for a new member is still Dan Marsala. Great guy, same age, sing beautiful (in live), scream amazing, and the best of all is that he don't have a unique genre in music. Do a lot of stuff (heavy, soft, rock, punk, etc). He fits with the band.
  2. and you put as example "Hawthorne Heights", c'mon! If they want to continue, and want to keep making amazing and varied songs, They need a new vocalist, that's it. Will be fans that will accept it, others will accept it with time and others that never will accept. Same circumstances with each Album from the band, People that at this time not accept the sound of OML. This is how it works. I want that LP remain the great band that it is and continue the legacy that Chester left us. For me there are 2 options: • New singer and keep the name Linkin Park • New singer and change their name. Is hard, really, for me say it that is really f*cking hard, but I also think in the other 5 guys. If they continue as 5 members, the brain (brad and mike) will have a limit when creating songs. They need someone who can sing high notes and scream.
  3. I think that there is no problem. Chester played with STP, DBD besides LP. Dan put a post in his instagram telling about the best moment in his life (in the band) was the Tour with LP. He is a great choise for continue to listen songs with screams and high notes IMO.
  4. yes, and also did a tour with them. There are not many videos in good quality, but this concert is from 2016: In this song he sing and scream a little bit: https://youtu.be/EYoly-tdUxM?t=1h24m14s In this song he sing and scream at the same time: https://youtu.be/EYoly-tdUxM?t=17m4s
  5. Days ago, I talked to a friend of mine and he is a big fan of AC/DC like me with LP and he said me: "They should pick another vocalist and keep the name, AC/DC did the same and continued doing music" All we know that Chester is irreplaceable, he was not only a voice, also charisma and the soul of LP, but all of you are debating about setlist in concert but the real thing is that the music of LP is something out of the ordinary and their greatest hits happened thanks to the Chester's voice. So, if we want to LP keep doing amazing hits, they need to pick a new singer. A singer with a great voice (sing and scream). Dan Marsala is still my #1 pick More after listen to this that he recorded this year: https://www.instagram.com/p/BQZZorthSWS/?taken-by=danmarsala Reminded me a little bit the type of scream in "blackout"
  6. He sings very good but IMO his voice is very shrill :/
  7. I loved the Album "Mall" and Mike sang beautifull, but The problem with that is that at some point it could be sound monotonous (because his voice has limits). A voice that sing high notes and scream was the perfect complementation with the rap and sing of Mike. I know is really hard to bring a new member but I prefer that, that they stop being the great band that they are now :c Ps.: The most of the song that people love (not only fans) about LP are Chester's songs (WID, BTH, Numb, OSC, OML, BID, ND), that's the reality
  8. First of all they (5) need to keep making music together and of course I will support any decision and direction that they will take. Second, Continuing to make music together, they Need a new singer, ¿why? because although Mike Sing very good right now, a voice like Chester with high notes and scream made LP what it is in these times. That variety of voices is what made LP a different band. We know that Chester is irreplaceable and is hard thinking about that, But for the sake of the boys and for them to keep making music, I Think that The person that could fit with The band is DAN MARSALA (Story of The year). He sing beautifull and scream very good to this day (in live of course, not only studio). Also, he has a good sense of humor. The unique thing That I dont Know if they continue with The name LINKIN PARK or change their name like RATM did to Audiosalve for example. My heart want to keep their Name, this would be like a new stage to them. Here One of The last presentations of Dan: (Sings at the beginning screams at the end): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lxO8BCRXiVQ
  9. At least, we know that we have the chance 100% guaranteed that LP will include us in the next tour
  10. well, Do any of you have better knowledge about DOS?? >>> http://joehahn.com/
  11. ok, I know, the music is amazing...but some French fan already watched the movie?? I see that it has 3 stars in the googleplay web. The concept and effects are very cool, but I read a comment that it no has solid story :/
  12. He refers to have gotten the publication with her own merits. she got it and now he wants to support her more. For the people of want color in the cover, If you see the carnivores tour you will see there the art of the album. Here a mix that I did.
  13. That was also pretty cool. I Used it when I traveled to other country.
  14. Not at all my friend. I remember When I was one of the first to buy the LPU10, the gift was appear my name in the LPU11 disc. It was pretty cool
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