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Mike Asks for Demo Help


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Mike texted fans via the Community app on February 26th to ask for help with three new demos he is working on. He wants to know which one you think he should continue working on.

In case you didn't get the message, we have uploaded it to our YouTube page.

So what do you think? Which one sounds the best?


In other news, Mike's security Ed posted a video from Mike's new home studio... with a surprise! In the video we see Matt Harris who we all know from the Post Traumatic Tour. It is Matt's first time being seen with Mike since he moved to Los Angeles from the United Kingdom at the end of the Post Traumatic Tour. In the video, Ed is jamming on guitar with Matt on piano and Mike on drums. You might remember Ed guesting on guitar on the PT Tour in Israel as well.

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13 minutes ago, mattyice318 said:

He mixed them all, seemed preplanned but still dope


I mean given how long he's been in the game and how short these clips are (and seemingly pretty much a couple of loops on repeat) I wouldn't doubt he could have done these mixes in like 10 minutes

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1 hour ago, Bree said:

Thank you. Wow this place is huge!! 

How do I get the community app? Can you help me please? 

Oh & pleased to meet you 🎶❤️🎶

Are you talking about the one Mike is using? To subscribe you just need to send a text to Mike's phone number, but it's pretty much for the United States only. If you're outside the US, it won't work.

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5 hours ago, Hahninator said:


Ed has been around for quite a long time. Check his Instagram. He’s in all of the OML webcasts. He was with CB for a while. 

Didn’t know. Never paid attention to that type of stuff though.

Anyways, the music sounds cool. Hopefully we’ll see more of this type of stuff.

Edited by Garret
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