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  1. It's becoming more apparent with each new video, not to say the music will suffer, but I'll definitely think about it in a different light
  2. He mixed them all, seemed preplanned but still dope
  3. Wasn't Mace selling dozens of bootlegged Grey Daze albums on Ebay like 8 years ago? This is really disappointing to hear
  4. Yea it's kinda crazy, sold out with GA seating is a total of 10k seats, I honestly thought they were bigger than the venue back in 2004, I'm sure it was sold out. There have been professional promo pics taken of a ton of different events/ concerts we've done over the years dating back to the 90's, and I'd think LP was big enough to have a couple taken. It's so far removed there aren't many people around here anymore that could help me out if they wanted, which is unfortunate. It's also funny I do trivia weekly at the "annex" where I know i've seen on this site they played a couple times back in like 99/00
  5. This is amazing. I currently work here at the venue and have for a few years - have asked around for potential recordings, tickets, and sifted through a ton of old concert pics to find some LP to no luck. This is personally my favorite find ever, I remember seeing them advertise this show back on local TV back in the day even. Thank you so much!!!
  6. Oh dope, this was on my release radar last Friday and I had no idea it was Mike. I saw Amir back in Chicago opening for Mike, and he was fire.
  7. Yea you're the only one I've heard of. First, there's a reason it's a demo verse and didn't make the studio cut. I don't know what you consider cheesy about it, I guess that's opinion. I like him telling a story of coming up as a teen. Yea it's not your standard hip hop teenager story but Mike wasn't the standard and that's exactly what you'd expect. You're not going to say "damn why is pusha t rapping about selling drugs? That was cheesy" because you know where he came from and what he knows - there's an expectation there and Mike delivered IMO If you want to talk about flow, this is his first time spitting live so I think it's safe to say he didn't nail every lyric 100%. If you compare the live performance to the lyrics Mike posted himself, you'll know he didn't nail it 100%. That's what a live performance is. Still he spit 8 bars with a recurring 5 syllable rhyme scheme he hit about 12 times, it completely fits the track and Mike doesn't rap off the beat at all. No way I'll think it's awkward
  8. I can't wait, this is amazing news. I think K Flay and Mike could both use more awareness. I don't think enough people know about either of them or the great music both of them make. K Flay is talented af
  9. Beautiful playlist, beautiful words. This day is going to be hard for a lot of us today, and that's okay. Thank you
  10. mattyice318

    One Year

    I can't help but to watch this video and believe it's foreshadowing
  11. you have gotta be kidding it's a hobby we're living we were properly spitting to some wobbly rhythm popping off in the kitchen at parties properly hidden i was probably nervous but still i gotta forget him jacket possibly referencing some army division and camouflage-like images all my idols within them trying to avoid kids my mom strongly forbidden so i was probably skipping out doing robbery with them good kid and lived in the bubble and barely knew it probably couldn't recognize trouble to get into it trying to find like-minded rhymers to make a crew with but nobody liked the same type of music i'm used to it thing is new* opportunities i didn't know what to do with sitting there on a sofa with smokers gamers* and users* knowing i'm not stupid but too unsteady to prove it maybe i'm running to it but maybe i'm running through it
  12. MGK had a solid verse, he really impressed me. One of the best I've heard from him, but he seemed like he was featured because Ryu and Mike fell out. It seems like that's exactly the track Ryu would be on, MGK no matter how good still sounds like a replacement to me, just because Ryu doesn't make much music now makes him worse? Dude has one of the most underrated flows in the game right now, he rides and bodies just about every beat he's been on. Don't need to bring irrelevant Reseda beach stuff up, that's not relevant to the conversation I'll listen to Make it up as I go twice for you and you can just take About you twice. I think K Flay has two solid albums, I like almost anything she puts out now. Her voice, not unlike Skylar Grey, is incredibly polarizing IMO
  13. MGK is nothing but a Ryu replacement to me, I feel like Ryu would have been on that track five years ago - and would have come with a better feature. Chino kills it though I absolutely love the K Flay track, it sounds like she had a hand in the production I love Brooding, I could listen to Mike's instrumentals all day About You is still the least favorite song I have listened to, I wish Mike took his lyrics and put them on a better track. HE GOES IN ON IOU HOLY GUAC. My jaw dropped about 25 seconds and and stayed until he finished his second verse World's On Fire seems like it's the second weakest track on the album Can't Hear You Now is a great ending to the album. So proud of Mike, so impressed by him
  14. I feel like we both read what Rick had to say and got two completely different understandings from it. Nowhere was it implied to me that Rick suggested replacing Chester. I don't think rick saying it was a different dynamic is a bad thing. Rick obviously is heavily respected from the whole band, and after working together for so long they have rapport. Wasn't he right? They gave fans closure and I think they gave closure for themselves with the concert. You said it yourself when Mike said he appreciated the other artists but knows that nobody stacked up to him, even when everyone else from LP is intact. I see it as Rick telling Mike they should try it once, instead of letting that anxiety and build up steamroll them. I think after the concert, it helped them be more comfortable with whatever it is moving forward
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