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  1. I agree 100%. I think Meteora is just as spectacular, but in terms of other albums I think they all kinda declined in popularity bit by bit. Not a knock, they were just larger than life 00-04.
  2. Maybe I'm just cynical but I feel that HT is so big idk if they can top it. I would love and hope Meteora's is even bigger, I just can't help but think that was a unique perfect storm. The reasonable pricing, Mike on stream daily in terms of fan interaction, the first real release since OML imo. There was every incentive and time to put the effort in to launch them back in the spotlight, i reallllllly hope that they take HT's 20th release as a blueprint - not an outlier
  3. Something that works in our favor is that HT, Meteora, and MTM are all 3 years apart. That's a long enough time IMO to keep releasing sets and going all out. If HT and Meteora droppped within a year and a half I'm not sure if they'd do all this for either one.
  4. For y'all to do everything you have done and never asked for an interview, this could be the perfect time. Loved the video btw, great information all around
  5. why are the warner and amazon prices so far apart in the same package? That's $70, makes no sense to me
  6. I've loved She Couldn't for years like most here, but you're totally right. Given the circumstances, this could be the first time hearing Chester. One of his most powerful songs he's ever sent IMO
  7. Are they doing this partly because they're potentially releasing the 2001 RaR pro shot and "might as well" list it correctly
  8. 2 months in terms of marketing is nothing, some artists release singles to an album years in advance. This album sold 27 mil worldwide. This is the perfect time to market when people are at home more than usual.
  9. If all that they released was a cleaner She Couldn't, I'd be happy. The fact they're doing all of this is incredible
  10. He killed his live performance, seems to get better with time. Clockwatch was my favorite song of his, I'm incredibly excited to see what AmirSaysNothing has coming soon
  11. no idea get me gone was regarding jeff blue, very interesting
  12. Let's get a cameraman to zoom in on Jamie when he's supposed be having these private spiritual moments with his dad, like meditating. I don't want to see Jamie in those moments, those are for him and his father. He directed it, and it's not my place to speak for anyone but myself. I can't give a better suggestion, all I can say is that the video does.not.sit.well.with.me.
  13. Wow I love the insight into the MTM tracklisting. What would that "official" order be?
  14. Will we get a new LPU CD?" -> "I think so, but I am not sure. This year is the Hybrid Theory 20th anniversary so we are putting a lot of love into that. It'd be silly to like... we've released so many Hybrid Theory demos that I don't know that we have much more to do that with after the 20th anniversary release. It's probably best to ask Ana and the LPU team about that when it comes up. I don't know what they were planning. The demo thing is like... there are just so many demos He forgot about Slip and Blue in his closet, I honestly think there is more than we think there is from that era As for Looking For an Answer? It's basically Detox at this point. I cried my eyes out in the moment, as did everybody. It's hard to top that, and I don't blame Mike.
  15. This is too much, I guess I have the complete opposite opinion than most after this video. It's more obvious than ever that grey daze is barely more than Sean and mace's new 2020 cash grab, under the guise of a remembering a passed friend. With every new mention, every new weekly video, every post it's obvious what their goals actually are. They are pushing this further and milking Chester as much as they can
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