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The Hunting Party Leak + iTunes Stream

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I really don't know how to describe this album right now. I really liked it and its a very different approach from the band. None of these songs sound like anything they've done before. It's like they are a new band again with a new sound. I'm proud of LP for making this record and I really hope they continue to go in this direction on future records to come.

Is it just me, or does it sound like parts of GATS a were used in ALITS guitar-wise?

I'm pretty sure this was intentional. It feels like they wrote the song as a continuation of GATS. I highly doubt they'd accidentally write 2 songs that have the same chord structure and overall vibe.

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Listened to it once so far, and I have to say, WOW. I'm gonna listen to it a couple more times, and then I'll try to post some thoughts. So far, great album! Now waiting to get my Pre Order :)

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I have now listened the album once through and I really like. First listening the songs they seemed like a bunch of random songs put in same album, but after listening the album from the start to end they seem to fit together well. Individually the songs are better than the songs on LT IMO.I think this album will be my favorite LP album because the albums have tended to grow on me after I have listened them few times through.I had huge pressure on Keys to the Kingdom, All for Nothing, Rebellion and a Line in the Sand after reading the describtions of the songs but they all exceeded my hopes and Rebellion went even beyond them. All in all great album.

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I wasn't expecting Drawbar to be an instrumental, especially with piano. So what is Tom Morello playing?


The Summoning is just "eh". Nothing special.



Keys To The Kingdom is awesome, but I don't like the vocal effects. Love the heavy screaming!



A Line In The Sand is definitely a surprise. Was expecting something slower. I disagree with it being their best song written.

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Tracks one & two will blow you away. Plus a quick note. This calls off all the rumors of the song in The Mall Trailer being on the album. If you ask me that song will come out when the movie comes out or be part of the ending credits.


Back to the album. Somebody needs to edit Drawbar when the stems come out. You can not hear Tom's guitar at all or just barely. If his guitar is brought up a notch or 2, it would be a sick track but the piano is beautiful.

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Really great album by them. I will give a short opinion of every song.

1)Keys to the Kingdom is simply amazing, Chester with his best screams as before.

2) All for Nothing has Mike Shinoda in it giving his best with an amazing chorus, with Chester doing amazing backing vocals for me.

3)GATS. No one will beat Chester ever singing for me and this shows why. The most powerful track for me.

4)The Sumonning is an amazing instrumental with a great atmosphere in it, a bit of Blackout mix of sounds for me at the end.

5)War sounds a bit as Dead By Sunrise.

7) Wastelands has the best riff of the tracks with amazing rapping parts by Mike.

7)UIG is their first soft song but with an amazing Chester on it.

8)Rebellion which is maybe their best track has an insane chorus, Chester screaming and Mike singing, not rapping, as his best. For me their best lyrics on the album.

9)Mark the Grave sounds extrange for me, because it starts with heavy guitars but when Chester begins singing, it totally changes to a happier tone.

10)Drawbar was dissapointing for me, for me is their worst track on the record. For me an instrumental that just doens't show nothing.

11) Final Masquerade. For me it's where chester gives all of his singing ability. It also has a beautiful solo.

12) A Line In The Sand. One of their best tracks, with the guitar of GATS in one part, but such an amazing composition.


To sum up, such an amazing poweful album with an amazing Rob and a new Brad for me because his guitar lines in the disc sound so amazing. Chester and Mike always awesome, and poor Phoenix, he will never be protagonist. Here in the disc Hahn hasn't got too much parts as in A Thousan Suns or Living Things because the most impotant instrumen has become for me their drums, and that's their real change.

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MI primera impresion de THE HUNTING PARTY para los que no lo quieren oir hasta que el Album salga (IN SPANISH):

-Keys To The Kingdom está genial, es un estilo HT, es rapida la canción, gritos de Chester, tiene un sonido como si fuera un demo, suena genial, al final se oye un bebé.

-All For Nothing (feat. Page Hamilton) tiene unos raps de Mike con un estilo muy diferente a lo que habia rapeado antes, Page canta en el coro y Chester es segundo vocal, hay un solo de guitarra muy rockero, muy buena la canción, me gustó mucho.

-The summoning es un intro para la siguiente cancion, tiene un sonidito similar a Tinfoil, ademas se oye una guitarra entrecortada y va dando el intro como para algo pesado.

-War tiene un impresionante intro de guitarra, Chaz gritando 1, 2, 3, es una canción unica, LP jamas había hecho algo así, es un estilo Trash Metal (Metallica) TIENE UN SOLO DE GUITARRA DE POCA MADREEEE !!!

-Mark The Graves: tiene un intro calmado, pero despues empiezan las guitarras muy veloces, todo un deleite para aquellos que amamos la lira, se oye Mike decir muy bajito 1,2,3. Mike comienza a cantar junto a Chaz, hay un solo de guitarra con sonido estilo Iridescent, hay final se oyen unos gritos desgarrantes de Chester,

-Drawbar: tiene un intro de guitarra acustica y piano, despues comienza Rob a tocar la batería y me recordó a The Little Things Give You Away y a Iridescent, es una canción que comienza de poco a mucho, es el track mas tranquilo y podría decir que hasta melancolico suena,

-Final Masquerade: Es una tremenda balada, su sonido es muy melodico.

-a Line In The Sand: Mike comienza cantando y su canto me suena como a un track de los 90's, despues comienza una bateria potente y unos riffs de guitarra bien locoteeeees, hay un solo también.!!!

Es un Album que nota que LP ha cuidado mucho su nueva música, despues canta chester en un tono desgarrado y Mike Rapea de una forma pausada, cada detalle lo han hecho reinventadose otra vez, el Album tiene una esencia casera, enseguida detectas que el ellos fueron su propio Timotel en la Producción del Album. PARA MI ES EL MEJOR ALBUM QUE HAN HECHO, ESTE ALBUM HARÁ HISTORIA, Y TAL VEZ ME ODIEN PERO A MI MODO PERSONAL MEJOR QUE HT .<3

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