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The Hunting Party Leak + iTunes Stream


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As of today, June 9th, The Hunting Party has leaked online!


EDIT: The Hunting Party is now streaming on iTunes!


01. Keys To The Kingdom
02. All For Nothing (feat. Paige Hamilton)
03. Guilty All The Same (feat. Rakim)
04. The Summoning
05. War
06. Wastelands
07. Until It's Gone
08. Rebellion (feat. Daron Malakian)
09. Mark The Graves
10. Drawbar (feat. Tom Morello)
11. Final Masquerade
12. A Line In The Sand
Who has listened? What are your thoughts?
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Its amazing. Trying to ignore the initial excitement, but i think its one of my fav albums already.


Mark the Graves was truly epic. Keys to the Kingdom is brutal, and the ending interlude was hilarious.


Didnt care for War, and I'm currently going through A Line In The Sand. Loving the start of it, the dreamy atmospherics, the heavy section is ok, sounds like the same riff as GATS copy and pasted. The solo is nice though.


All for Nothing i listened to the leak, and I'm in love with that too, especially Paige's section.


Amazing record.

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I can't really post much thoughts, since I listened it in one long run together. I can only say that what I heard is great, but I can't give proper judgement until I played it like 5 times. But I will save that for Friday.

I like that the album already hits with a punch!

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A Line in the Sand is probably the best song they've ever written.


A beautiful Thricey moment, with Mike being a god !


I agree ... its funny that some of the riffs of the song sound like parts of previous songs of THP and victimized.

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