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  1. I saw your message and immediately went to Amazon, I notice that on the current listing the Super Deluxe is still $199, but on my order its $176.99, so that's a pretty good $25 discount. Its an international order for me so I appreciate it hehehe.
  2. Same thing here, thats why I opted out from LP website, I have had a better experience with Amazon than with US/MX postal service package care.
  3. Good to know, I was wondering if it will come with the download audio and I guess it does, since on the LP website it says it comes with a card to download (doesnt specify from where). I bought it from Amazon too, I wish Prime will get me international shipping free so to me its 35 bucks more expensive than LP website, but it arrives faster and secure. LP site sends their packages through USPS and here in Mexico there is a great risk for the package to get lost on customs or to get extra Import fees, so not risking a $200 package just to save $35 bucks hehehe.
  4. Lucky you, to Mexico all orders on Euros (Spain, Germany, etc) cost the same as the US pricing, except the one from the UK that costs $50. You'll be fine, I believe in Germany they use NTSC.
  5. Yeah, I didn't want to risk it just to save $50 bucks .... hahahah so I went with the US price.
  6. I agree with the remix, music videos and blu-rays, that would be the cherry on top of the cake. But its a pretty decent release we got and not too expensive for what its worth.
  7. I was going to get it, but Im on Mexico and I guess the DVD format might be a problem, if its from the UK will be PAL instead NTSC , right ? , I'll guess I have to pay the extra 50 bucks from amazon US
  8. Epic ! ! ! just got the chills with the promo video. Now lets pre-order this beauty. I believe this meet our expectations or most of them and beyond ! ! ! , well done LP.
  9. Right, I felt the same sadness when I read that part. Its to be expected those guys were brothers, they spent almost 20 years or so together, all the memories and epic moments. Hearing his voice brings back all at once and it can be overwhelming . . .
  10. Yeah, maybe the media just wanted to give a more dramatic meaning for the video premier hahah who knows.
  11. Yes that was my understanding too, but just wanted to double check that fact.
  12. Yeah its not bad, but I prefer the original one, maybe the synths/keyboard make that CoG resemblance. The one thing that bothers me is that they seems to only have 1 concert footage and they are using it for all or most of the videos/promos, etc. I wish they had more live performance videos so they could mix it up and not display some scenes that might not belong to the song they are performing. Btw, did Chester left GD to join LP ? (I dont think so, maybe Im wrong) but thats what people over DownloadFestival TV claimed before the video premier.
  13. Epic ! ! !, I just love how his voice fits in most of the genres, Its already out on Spotify too.
  14. One year of loosing the musician that has had the most impact/influence in my life ... I still cant believe he is gone, my mom passed away 2 months after chester and from there I've struggled to keep going. What keeps me going is all the emotion and passion he left on LP music (it gives me some meaning and some sort of comfort), I never get tired of hearing their songs and will never be. On this day I celebrate the awesome person he was and everything he brought to my life, to all of us.
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