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  1. Epic ! ! !, I just love how his voice fits in most of the genres, Its already out on Spotify too.
  2. One year of loosing the musician that has had the most impact/influence in my life ... I still cant believe he is gone, my mom passed away 2 months after chester and from there I've struggled to keep going. What keeps me going is all the emotion and passion he left on LP music (it gives me some meaning and some sort of comfort), I never get tired of hearing their songs and will never be. On this day I celebrate the awesome person he was and everything he brought to my life, to all of us.
  3. Its going to be an amazing tribute, hopefully I can get some tickets and enough money to fly from Mexico, fingers crossed, it will be my only chance to see the guys playing, and an unique opportunity to pay some well deserved respect to Chester.
  4. This, I agree that Alex McMillan has a similar voice as Chester, hopefully he will be taken in consideration if it comes to it. I really enjoyed his covers before the account was deleted/removed.
  5. I cant bare with the thought that we will never hear his voice again, hopefully the last LPU cd will be all songs/demos with vocals on it, a last tribute to his voice/talent. Its been one day and I still cant process the idea that he is gone .... damn ...
  6. As most of us, Im shocked and sad. I never thought this day will come, I woke up today and turned up LP on my car on my way to work, as usual enjoying those fine tunes those 6 guys created. I still cant believe he is gone, is the first time that an artist passed away and gets me and man it hurts so much. I've listening LP since 2000, I was 12 years old, crawling and one step closer where the first songs I heard, from there I've been a fan loving each new album cycle, 17 years of awesome music ! ! ! !. Their music has helped me on the hardest times of my life, each time they released an album has been exactly when I needed. Now that they are gone everything seems downhill from here, I hope their music can give me the strength I need. Chester is a LEGEND, no one would ever know what he was going trough, the internal battle with himself, wherever you are I hope you've found peace.
  7. Im in shock, hoping this isn't true .... if it turns to be true, this year is going from better to worse.
  8. Anyone can help us clarify this?, RollingStone and Billboard websites are saying all the same.
  9. This ! ! !, I was thinking about it last night, the OML songs they've released so far are ok, I like them, but they could have done something way better like those demo's.
  10. We cant judge the album just by the new single, I expect the rest of the songs will make it worth it. Staying positive
  11. And we still dont know how many of those are Instrumentals or short transitions songs.
  12. Yes, I think I'll go with the standard CD bundle .... maybe the vinyl too, it depends on how much they charge for S&H. But the Box Set is out of budget for me .
  13. I was hoping for a Makin-Of too, it gives us a deep/inside view of the album process. The new song its cool, not to excited by the album cover ( less favorite of all LP albums). As the pricing of the bundles I think its ok, sadly for international fans the shipping price kills us hahahaha.
  14. I agree ... its funny that some of the riffs of the song sound like parts of previous songs of THP and victimized.
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