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  1. "No Roads Left" fans, A Line In The Sand is for you
  2. Album Review Keys To The Kingdom -> Vocal effects shit but still good, liked it. All For Nothing -> It's not Linkin Park dude. Guilty All The Same -> Still one of my favourite. The Summoning -> We heard x10 better instrumental songs but I'm sure Shinoda wants to say something in this song. War -> Better screams from Chester but I don't want to hear him like this. Wastelands -> We heard this before, this is insane and one of my favourite. Until It's Gone -> We heard this before too, one of my favourite single in Linkin Park history. Rebellion -> It's Daron diffrence, we can hear it really easy. And yes this is heavy. It's one of my favourite. Mark The Graves -> BIG BAD BRAD you are a god but Chester's slow vocal parts aren't compatible with heavy guitars. Drawbar -> Epic piano but it's reminds me LPU demos. Final Masquerade -> This is music man. One of my favourite. A Line In The Sand -> This is what I hope to hear, Shinoda diffrence can be notice in song. MIKE gave us best songs as singles this time. I didn't hear what I hope in almost every song. (which didn't release as single, singles are god as I said in review.)
  3. Yep I want to ask the same question about quality. is it worth waiting for the CD?
  4. There is a "DOWNLOAD" button in a torrent site looking at me. One click and boom but I really want to have that atmosphere when I get the CD. FUCK
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