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  1. I'm definitely missing W&K and WTCFM.. something I'd love to see again.
  2. I had meet and greet for LPU last night in Charlotte. I missed the entire set for 30STM.. meeting was scheduled at 7:50, their set started at 7:45. I waited in line a little over an hour with almost 70 others before we could get back to the meet and greet. You would will receive an e-mail with the location. They state no pictures, selfies, hugs, etc. Pretty basic.. you get a couple seconds with the band members and you're done, but well worth it. After the meet and greet, you go back to your original location - hopefully if you're in the pit you have someone saving your spot, otherwise you may end up in the back.
  3. I posted a couple of videos.. unfortunately I didn't bring my camera this time around so they were taken from my phone, so quality isn't the best. Give them a bit - they're still processing, and orientation has to be flipped. http://youtu.be/0EGpRbc1eSM - GATS Opening http://youtu.be/Ye7dSZbutxg - Final Masquerade http://youtu.be/UnqZHlRJ_-U - In the End, Mike was in the pit http://youtu.be/gF_6UdHBqGY- Lying from You / Dirt off your Shoulders - sorry this one is flipped halfway through!
  4. I had early entry and got a spot early and my husband held it for me while I was in meet and greet?
  5. I thought it was a great show.. yes, there could be some changes in the set list, but they're not going to please everyone. I stayed pretty pumped throughout the entire show.. until the encore, which was a bit drawn out. For some reason though, I could not get into Rebellion. I love that song, but not live, it just didn't do it for me. Was really surprised at how the crowd reacted with Final Masquerade. I asked Chester in M&G if his back was better, he said not 100% but that he would be more active on stage now. I don't think he pushed the limits though which is good considering we don't need him down for the rest of the tour. I asked Mike the possibility of Qwerty coming back in a set list - he stated that in a mashup it's more of a possibility, but in the future, it's still possible in full and I let him know how much the fans would die to hear it. LPU M&G was rather large, 69 folks I think? I was on the barricade, so I couldn't see much of the crowd.. but I thought they were fairly pumped.. the guys were certainly playing on the crowd's energy, which is great considering the last few concerts I've been to were pretty dead.
  6. I never got the original confirmation but I sent an email asking if it was a mistake and they stated that I was selected... either I never got the original email or I just got lucky. either way I'm thrilled I've never been able to meet the entire band I just got to meet Chester at an STP concert
  7. I just got a confirmation email that I have meet and greet tonight! So excited. yes the pavilion is covered just be prepared to get wet waiting
  8. For those of you going, you may want to check the weather. It's gonna be a wet one..
  9. Wow.. that's all I can really say right now. Need to listen to it from start to finish a few times I think.. but wow.
  10. After you put in the code, click on the picture of the arena in the pit - a screen should pop up with 3 choices, first one being just pit.
  11. You need the pre-sale password from LPU. Not exactly fair to get it if you're not an LPU member when we have to pay for that password ;-) Regular sales go on Friday morning..
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