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"Until It's Gone" - Zane Lowe - May 5


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French radio recently leaked that the new LP single will be released on Monday, promoting the band to confirm it with the following information:


On Monday, May 5 at 6:30pm GMT, Zane Lowe on BBC will be debuting the new Linkin Park single "Until It's Gone". A clip of the song has been posted by the band here: http://instagram.com/p/ngMYEXC4T_/


You may know Zane Lowe for debuting previous Linkin Park songs, like Lies Greed Misery in 2012.


Who's excited? Will you be tuning in?


EDIT: The official music video can be seen here:


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For Americans, this means it will debut on Monday at these following times:


Eastern: 2:30PM

Central: 1:30PM

Mountain: 12:30PM

Pacific: 11:30AM


And they have a livestream on their website here: BBC One

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I think Until It's Gone will be released elsewhere before. Virgin is a big radio in France but I do not see why they would have a worldwide premiere on this single ;) especially when you consider that Fance has never been a big market for the band.

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RT: @heydudeimadam: @LPAssociation they will not be premiering it. Actual premiere info coming shortly. :)


RT @heydudeimadam: @byBrianGoins @LPAssociation info coming in hopefully minutes. Waiting on one last thumbs up.

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7:30pm GMT is 8:30pm at Germany, Italy, France, Poland

Now I already calculated this, but according to my calculations it is 9:30. I thought like GMT=UTC, UTC+2=7:30pm +2= 9:30pm. Is it right or wrong?


Btw, when I wrote it the post said different time, and didn't say time zone.

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You guys make a lot of confusion. You are GMT+1 aka CET (Spain also got same time as yours and I'm 50km from there).


GMT (Greenwich meridian time, Portugal and UK as examples) is less 1h than central Europe


edit: maybe you're making confusion because summer time, but it's the same thing :)

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We were going to announce it this morning right around that time anyway. They didn't force us to announce it any earlier. Just wanted to make sure Zane got the love, not them, since it's his premiere!

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