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Linkin Park Honored at UCLA

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I must admit, that in early days of me starting following LP, I constantly mixed them two up. When they both had short haircuts, they looked very alike.

In my early LP fan being, I used to mix Rob and Brad when both had short haircut


Chester looks so… plastified…

Well, light and Chester just looking young may be the makers + he looks like he would be on solarium or having tan.

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Rob's hair is so glorious how do people still fuck that up

I know!!! Why L'Oreal hasn't picked him up for their commercials I'll never know!!!


Rob: because I'm worth it. *hair flick*



Also hasn't Chester just been on holiday? It's probably just his 'tan'

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Festivals are filming everything no matter what. I'm pretty sure that LP has it as part of their performance contract that all footage is their property. They are keeping all that, they know it might be valuable some day, concert recordings are getting more popular so they have a ton of stuff IF they ever plan to sell it some day. I'm sure lots of bands do this.

But I can understand it from an artist perspective that just don't release every show all the time for TV or whatever. For example Rock am Ring 2007 were just the highlights the band/management picked. I can also see the label perspective, they sell the rights to TV networks but that's all the money they make from it, just look at all the bootleggers in Japan or Ebay selling every single show that ends up on TV.

I think that this will change in the future, just look a few years back how hard it was to supply this kind of stuff. With todays technology they could easily sell show videos over itunes or over other VOD platforms which happened for a few in the past already. I'm pretty sure they know that there's demand for this stuff, it's maybe just a matter of time.


If you are angry at LP for not releasing enough, just look at Tool, they released NOTHING EVER

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I think people get angry because it's always AWESOME performances when they never release the stuff. For example, SOTD & WID acoustic would be epic for me because MTM is my favorite LP album and they've never done it before. What about the DBS show from 2011 in Scottsdale? I'm sure 99% of the members here would love to hear it. Or the Stars Of The Season show from 2012 with Chester covering songs like 'My Generation', 'Friday I'm In Love', 'Helter Skelter' and more.

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Why would LP release video archive recordings when they just quit doing DSPs because nobody was buying them? The demand for this kind of stuff (in terms of people who would actually buy it) just isn't there.

I would do it for the fans

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